Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Mt. Pleasant

1701 Park Rd Nw

This rental is located at 1701 Park Road, NW. The listing says:

“A large 1 Bedroom Apartment at the Park Regent with a huge closet is available. Hardwood floors, High Ceilings & Large Windows. Historic building located in Mt Pleasant. Great access to #42, H2, H4 & S bus routes and 3 blocks to Columbia Heights Green line Metro station. Also close to Rock Creek Park and the Zoo. Quiet neighborhood, yet close to the action in Adams Morgan. Lots of shopping at mom & pop stores close by and Target, Giant, Staples and other large store within walking distance. Zip car and Bike share located across the street. Elevator building with exercise facilities, indoor bike storage and laundry located on lower level. Rent includes Heat, Hot Water & Gas for cooking. Tenant pays only for electric (Est $20-$25/mo)”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $1,699/Mo.

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  • Parquet floors! The last time I was looking for a place, I checked out the Park Regent. I really wanted to like it but the building was really run down and dingy on the inside. Studios were about $1300 (August 2013). $1700 seems a little high for a 1BR, and as I remember electricity isn’t included.

    • I don’t think the building is run down or dingy at all. The building is like 100 years old, it’s not brand new, but it’s definitely clean and free of smells/sketchy people/vermin.

      • I lived there for a year. There’s a roach problem, well known to tenants. There’s a lot I miss about that building but the roaches were a big issue.

    • Are you dissing parquet floors? I think there was a thread recently (about one of those 1950s-ish townhouses in SW) where someone was speaking disdainfully about parquet floors.
      I understand the dislike of carpet, but I don’t get the hate for parquet.

      • I don’t particularly like them either. They tend to make the floor look unnecessarily busy without proper floor treatments.

      • Parquet floors can be great. Unfortunately there is a lot of bad parquet out there. It’s ruined the reputation of all parquet.

      • I certainly prefer parquet over laminate, tile, carpet or linoleum, but to me, parquet makes floorspace look smaller.

        Just noticing the bars on the windows. This must be a first floor unit.

  • I have lived in a studio in this building for over a year. In short, I love it. I pay $1336 for a studio. One of my neighbors is my friend, and he just told me he pays MORE than $1699 ($150 more/month) for this unit, which might be a location thing.

    The building is OLD so the creaky floors may bother you, but the elevator is always working, the basement washers and dryers were replaced with new units last year, and I haven’t seen a single bug since I’ve lived there. If this unit is one of the front-facing ones and you’re a light sleeper, look elsewhere; I don’t mind the city noise (traffic, buses, kids at the bus stop in the morning) and the light (you’ll know when the sun is up) but others might.

    The building managers are a very sweet older man, Art, and his really helpful staff; they’re great about holding packages, and will bring stuff into your apartment if you call to ask. Haven’t had a single problem.

    I’ve heard they’re re-doing kitchens in units as people move out, so if this is a re-done one, this would be a particularly great deal.

    The 42/43 is a 2 minute walk across Lamont Park (so the farmer’s market is right outside your door in season), the H buses run literally in front of the building, and 16th Street is 5 minutes away. Takes me 10 minutes to walk briskly to Giant/Target, add on 2 more minutes and you’re on the platform at Columbia Heights metro.

    • Oh, the electricity estimate is good for the winter, but expect to pay $60+ if you’re running the window unit A/C in the summer. I pay $39.99 a month for Comcast internet with no TV at all (got an antenna in the window for over-the-air broadcast TV).

  • Aglets

    Oh i went to a party in this building a million years ago…I loved it. I think that price seems pretty good, considering i pay 1300 for a 1br in a rickety, roach infested building on the hill….but i love my view and my location so i’m hesitant to move.

  • west_egg

    Okay deal; relatively inexpensive for a 1BR in this area. But for comparison, $1725 gets you a 1BR in the Allegro which is (1)newer, (2) closer to Metro and (3) includes a W/D in-unit.

    • and 4) which is made of wood-framed construction, ensuring that you’ll hear all your neighbors and 5) literally next door to the fire station.

      • west_egg

        Good points. And I have a feeling this apartment is probably more spacious overall. Personally I value peace and quiet over granite countertops, so I’d choose this place over the Allegro…but to each his own!

    • Agree with JS. This building is great. The Allegro feels like the type of place a slightly adventurous person from Florida might live if they moved to DC.

    • Just to clarify, $1725 gets you a studio in the Allegro and $1925 gets you a 1BR. I’m not debating what value each building or its amenities bring to the table, just noting that it’s about a $2,700 difference per year to have a 1BR there versus here.

      • west_egg

        The Allegro’s “Style B37” is a proper 1BR. Now mind you, the square footage is equal to their studios; but it has a separate bedroom.

  • The point about thin walls at the Allegro got me thinking about noise issues in wood buildings: do all new (last 10-15 years) 4-5 story wood-framed buildings have noise transmission issues, or do only the poorly-designed ones have such issues? Does anybody live in/know of such a wood building in DC that doesn’t have sound issues through the walls and/or ceilings?

    • HaileUnlikely

      The extent to which you hear voices varies a great deal from one building to another. I’ve never seen a wood-frame building that did a good job of isolating the “thud thud thud” of tenants who walk like clumsy doofuses stomping around on the floor above you – if there is an effective treatment for that other than a slab of concrete between levels, I’m not sure what it is and haven’t encountered it in practice.

      • The extent to which one hears voices also depends on whether one’s been taking his medications. 🙂

        • HaileUnlikely

          The persistent thud thud thud of the clumsy doofus who used to live above me in a wood frame building made me hear voices and need meds. He was a tiny little dude, couldn’t have weighted an ounce over 140, and would seemingly slammed into the ground as hard as possible with every single step…

          • I once had some upstairs neighbors — two big dudes, each probably 220 lbs. or more — who were so stompy that I sometimes wondered if one was giving the other a piggyback ride.

          • A some of the stompiest turn out to be 3 year olds.

    • I have no idea if I live in a wood building (Highland Park, here) but it was constructed not too long ago and I cannot hear anything inside my apartment. I am also on the top floor, so I don’t have to worry about hearing people above me. But I hear nothing from the apartments on either side of me.

  • Given its proximity to the “Target, Giant and Staples” it is a tremendous deal. I can’t tell you how long I’ve looked for a place close to a Staples…

  • Man, this place brings up some old memories. I lived here in ’98-’99 and paid $450 for a studio on the top floor overlooking Mt Pleasant St. The place was a roach infested sh*thole, but rents were cheap and it was really convenient to work, bars, etc.

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