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  • That space used to be a Ben and Jerry’s. It was just a stand (like the cupcake and pretzel places on either side), so I assume they’ve demolished the interior wall and will connect with the space that’s behind it, which has also been under construction.

    Unrelated, but saw it rumored before: new signage in the food court confirms that Chipotle will be opening a second location there, at the station where the Great Steak & Potato Co. used to be.

  • ah

    I’ve heard of these, but don’t understand the obsession/enthusiasm.

    Primer from someone on what moleskine offers above, say, a notebook from Office Deopt?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      It’s just very sturdy. I use both notepads. Granted I used ’em a lot but the Moleskine holds up much better than regular ones which are kind of flimsy. Fine for some situations but it’s just easier, especially when walking around, to have a sturdier notebook.

    • They’re generally well made and come in a variety of designs and sizes, but I’m not sure why we’d need a store that sells nothing but notebooks. You can buy their notebooks at Target.

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