“Mediterranean-influenced cuisine” coming to the new Adamo Building in Adams Morgan


The Adamo will be home to 1 and 2 bedroom condos and:

“A casual, a la carte restaurant serving Mediterranean-influenced cuisine. Seating inside premises for 90 patrons and a total occupancy load inside of 99. Sidewalk Café with seating for 16 patrons.”

1827 Adams Mill Road, NW

18th Street looking north

Feb. 2014:


July 2013:


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  • A better location for a restaurant than for condos.

    • Emmaleigh504

      It’s right where the neighborhood turns more residential, so it’s a great place for condos.

      • Between the intersection and the noise that will rise from 18th Street, it will be very annoying, esp. with the cheap contractor grade they’ll probably use. I’ve lived in the area…..

        • The sign in one of the pictures that it is already 60% sold without construction even being finished, so yes, so the market seems to disagree with your assessment that this isn’t a good place for condos.

    • I think that this is a great location for anyone under ~30. It’s very prominently located at the top of what some people see as a hot, desirable hood. I would totally buy my daughter a condo here right after college.

      • maxwell smart

        At first I thought “Who under 30 can afford to buy a condo!?” and then I kept reading. >sigh<

        • Accountering

          Plenty of people under 30 can afford to buy a condo… People with good jobs and savings.

        • Or savings and an ok job.
          Bought my place at 24 delivering pizza.
          I’d have a 2nd place already but for my lack of a salary or 2 years in my field.

          • This whiff of “I pulled myself up by my bootstraps, and everyone else should be able to do the same” is distasteful. Guess what — your experience, opportunities, etc. are not necessarily the same as everyone else’s.

  • Linc Park SE

    Whoa – I havent been to AdMo in a while, but dang – that really changes the uphill view. Ahhh… changes…

  • Four stories? The longer I live in DC (now over 20 years), the more justification I see to modify the building height restriction.

    • maxwell smart

      Yes and No. Does it put a premium on housing in the district? Sure – and as a result housing is more expensive then perhaps it should be. But I would argue the trade-off is that DC is a far more pedestrian friendly city – not in the sense that you can walk everywhere (like New York) but rather that the city doesn’t feel overwhelming – you can see the sky and trees, there are not canyons of wind and darkness (like New York).

      • a pretty place for walking in, except that housing is more expensive than it should be and you can’t actually walk everywhere. are you being facetious?

        • maxwell smart

          If you read what I wrote, I’m not saying that you can walk everywhere – what I am saying is that the scale of the city is more pedestrian (or as some people say European) – there aren’t 50+ story buildings that feel large and overwhelming.

          • I totally agree with you. Every time I go to NY I’m distressed by the darkness and the noise amplification that all those tall buildings create.

            That said, there’s a happy medium for responsible urban density. And four stories ain’t it.

      • But is a six or eight story building really going to create a “canyon of wind and darkness”? I would argue no.

        • Agreed. The building next to the starbucks at that intersection is like 9 stories. As are most of the buildings on columbia road between 18th and dupont. That view up 18th would look a lot cooler with the building standing a little taller at 9 stories.

          • maxwell smart

            I believe the height restriction is proportionally based on the length of your building facing the street. Also, I wonder if this site’s previous usage as a gas station has impacted the soil conditions such that a taller building would have required a more expensive foundation.

      • I’ve never understood this argument. If you value always being within view of trees and a lot of sky, the suburbs exist.

        How much do you value those things? $100/month on top of what your mortgage or rent would be otherwise? $200? At the end of the day, we’re all paying extra because of the artificially limited housing stock.

      • northeazy

        Last time I checked NY real estates costs way more than DC despite their taller buildings.

    • Isn’t this well below the height restriction? There are a lot of buildings in the district that are 10-12 stories high, but that also would look odd in this spot.

  • The 3rd photo, looking north on 18th, is a perfect illustration as to why this building’s design and massing is a lost opportunity. Going to be “great” view of that mechanical and elevator penthouse.

  • “Mediterranean-influenced”…. yay! Can’t wait for another tapas place. Exactly what this city is lacking… ugh.

    • The description doesn’t say that it’ll be small plates. It says it will be “a casual, a la carte restaurant.” Most mediterranean restaurants don’t serve mostly mezze.

      • I realize that, however, I would take a bet that it will be small plates. I will be pleasantly surprised if it is not.

    • I just hope that they don’t mean shwarma, kabobs and gyros. Not that there’s anything wrong with this type of food, but it’s ubiquitous in Admo already and something different would be nice.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I thought I was going to hate this place b/c it’s pretty much the only thing I can see besides my alley. But I think I like it. It’s not as monster like as I first thought. I hope the finished product looks good.

  • Yes, it really does dominate the view looking up from 18th Street. But a view of the previous gas station was no better.

  • Can we pretty please have one of these replace the Exxon gas station at 14th and Parkwood? Please?

  • Anyone know if that’s the only retail? Seems like there’s space for more than the restaurant.

  • I really like the view of this building from up 18th street. I think it came out pretty nicely!

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