Masa 14 Apologizes for Dress Code Sign “the language used within the sign does not represent or reflect upon the restaurant’s principles”

1825 14th Street, NW

Follow up to Friday’s Dress Code Discussion at Masa 14.

From Masa 14:

“We apologize for the confusion around the dress code requirement at Masa 14. There has never been a required dress code for any meal service at our restaurant. This includes brunch and dinner. We welcome our guests to dress comfortably and any dress code requirements may only be applicable to our late night hours of operations.

Most importantly, the language used within the sign does not represent or reflect upon the restaurant’s principles. Please know that the sign has been removed, and we apologize about any unintended harm that this has caused. We are upset about this misrepresentation and would like to reiterate that we are committed to our values of inclusiveness. We have taken corrective action and we hold ourselves to a higher standard than what was represented in this sign.

At Masa 14 we value every guest, and will see to it that we continue to be a welcomed member in the community.”

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  • Damage control, clearly. The place is terrible anyway.

  • Lots of hoopla over nothing. Lace up your timbs and move on people.

  • Hah! Show it, don’t say it.

  • I noticed yesterday (3/29) both Masa and DF Centro had new dress code signs up (both the same and for night time only dining, so I guess it’s in line with the above).
    Regardless, it’s still BS that a restaurant like these two require a dress code.

  • justinbc

    “There has never been a required dress code for any meal service at our restaurant. This includes brunch and dinner.”
    Yep, exactly what I said, despite someone claiming they called and were told by the restaurant that it applies to all times and that the staff hates it.

  • First off, I’m white. And I have no problem going straight from the gym to brunch wearing yoga pants from Target w/ sneakers. So I’m banned from Masa, too. Next, Masa has experienced late(r) night problems w guests who happened to be attired as listed and happened to be of color fighting (verbally and physically) to the disruption (at best) and fear (at worst) of clientele. I personally experienced this on a Sunday night while dining at Masa. The “N” word was flying loudly, along with a lot of other profanity, bar stools were overturned, people involved were punching and on ground. The Management was totally clueless and let this go on and refused to call 911 for everyone’s safety (including those fighting) after requests to do so from patrons. The fight escalated quickly, lasted for a while (start and stop) and only ended bc the people involved dragged their friends out of the restaurant. Management gave every diner a free round of drinks as an apology; we told them that they needed to be proactive in these cases for the safety and comfort of diners (I’ve lived & fined in Logan for 8 years and have never witnessed this activity in a restaurant.). Unfortunately, Management is still clueless if they think a ridiculous sign is a way to handle security issues. And before you scream “racist,” I will state that this dress code discrimination and the bar fight scene described above could very easily apply to white people in my one state of Indiana should they ever hop over from the cornfields to visit the dining hotspots on 14th.

    • The effective message from neighbors: we don’t want you to have a dress code because it’s racist, but if there’s a fight we want MPD/ABRA to shut you down immediately.

      • I don’t think anyone is saying they shouldn’t have a dress code. We’re saying that the dress code was written in a way that had inappropriate overtones. Look at Morton’s dress code, this is how a dress code should be written, notice no mention of “TImbs” or “Baggy Pants”:

        “What is the proper attire at Morton’s?
        We recommend business attire or smart casual wear at Morton’s. For men, a collared shirt and dress pants are appropriate….For women, business wear or dressy casual attire would be most comfortable…”

        • Again, much ado about nothing. “No baggy pants” – what is so racist about that? White people wear baggy pants too, and the color of your skin has no bearing on the appropriateness of baggy pants in an upscale environment. I guess they could have said “no work boots” but it’s semantics. Look up “timbs” on Urban Dictionary it’s just street slang for Timberlands. There’s nothing racist or derogatory about the word “timbs.” It’s just an abbreviation. Y’all need to grow some thicker skin if the words “baggy pants” and “timbs” makes you freak out.

    • Tell me why you couldn’t call 911?

      • HUGE disincentive to call the police after shutting down all these clubs. Every time there’s any sort of incident at a club ANCs use it as an excuse to call for the place to be shut down. If the restaurant can deal with them problem without MPD assistance there’s no official record and it’s not actionable (or likely brought to the attention of) the ANC.

        • OP said that there was a fight and management refused requests to call 911. Why couldn’t OP call 911. That has nothing to do with ABRA or ANCs.

    • I’m not understanding that either, why every patron just sat there and did not call the police on their own cell phone.

  • “We have taken corrective action and we hold ourselves to a higher standard than what was represented in this sign.” – Does this mean that they have an even stricter dress code for “themselves”?

  • All that had to do was say, “business casual attire”. I think they went too far with “baggy pants” and “Timbs”.

  • I went here a few years back and was thoroughly underwhelmed by the food. A few weeks back a friend of mine was in from out of town and at the last minute wanted to meet up for dinner in my neighborhood (Logan) on Saturday night. Knowing this was going to be impossible almost anywhere without a two-hour wait I nonetheless still put my name in at a bunch of less trendy spots and finally stopped by Masa 14 because it was empty at 7:30 on a Saturday night. I lasted five minutes before the ear-shattering crap from the DJ and the squeals of the sorority girls next to me made me leave. I felt dirty for just going into that place. Best as I can tell, it’s become a mediocre and over-priced restaurant making its dough off of being a pseudo-fancy dance club and brunch spot. I have no interest in ever going back.

  • This place gives (overpriced, mediocre) brunch a bad name.

  • We actually wondered that ourselves (why hadn’t we just called 911 ourselves) after the brawl moved out of the restaurant. In hindsight, I would have. It was one of those things that escalated quickly and since the manager was standing and observing, it just seemed natural for him as the “person in charge” to make the call. We kept thinking he was going to any minute. Afterwards, the other patrons (there only about 3-4 small tables) conversed and realized we shouldn’t taken matters into our own hands. One of the diners was a former ANC Commisioner. He was adamant (and lectured mgmt) that they needed to be proactive in moving out the disturbance or calling security.

    • I’m sure the only thing business owners hate more than dealing with ANC commissioners telling them what to do is dealing with former ANC commissioners telling them what to do.

  • I’m confused. If “there has never been a required dress code” and “the language used within the sign does not represent or reflect upon the restaurant’s principles”, then why was it posted in the first place?

    Genuinely confused, not trying to be snarky. Did someone post it without permission?

    • I am also very confused. Even if there has never been a required dress code for dining, and only for going to bar at night, how does a sign they posted not reflect the restaurant’s principals? How is it a misrepresentation of the restaurant, when they posted it on their front door?

    • yeah i was wondering about this too – there has never been a dress code, but we apologize for the language in our sign about the dress code? what?

  • whatever. I would be willing to be kicked in the face with timbs for that seaweed salad.

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