Man Found Shot at 10th and F Street, NE just before 5pm

From MPD:

“On todays’ date at approximately 1650 hours First District Officers responded to the area of the 600 block of 10th Street NE for a man suffering from a gunshot wound. Units located an adult male who was conscious and breathing suffering from a non-life-threatening wound to his lower extremity. The adult male was transported to an area hospital for treatment. The First District Detective’s office is currently investigating the case.”

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  • There has been so much crime over the last couple of months in the area between 5th and 10th NE and E and H St NE. With guns, knives and violence. I’m thinking of the robberies (multiple) at 7th and F; the after school carjacking outside Ludlow Taylor; the robberies at 8th and H and 8th and F; the robbery at 10th and G and other violence at 9th and G: and I could continue on with the list. It just seems like the police aren’t doing much about it and prefer to talk in euphemisms at community meetings about how this is such a “safe” area….

    • I agree with Sam. There is no police visibility on the northeast side of town. We were told last week that there would be seven cops on bikes assigned to the neighborhood. Have you seen them? I haven’t. The only cops that I see in this neighborhood are the night time ones that the bars on H Street have to pay to patrol.

      The police should be embarrassed that someone can get shot at 5 pm on a DC street and get away.

      • For all the people on this site who think they can do a better job than the police, here’s a link to the application page. Feel free to apply. You all obviously would send the crime rate down to zero if you were on the force.

        • Lol nice try cathy lanier.

          Really, though, it’s been surprisingly bad lately. I walk past that block every day and must have missed it by only a few minutes.

        • Accountering

          I don’t see how this is even remotely helpful. This person wasn’t even complaining about poor police work, just NO police work/presence. With that said, if you are okay accepting the mediocrity that can at times be MPD, more power to you, but I hold them to a higher standard, and think we should do better/more.

          • +1. “If you don’t like _____, do it yourself” is not a helpful or realistic recommendation, whether it comes to people who wish there were certain amenities in their neighborhood or people who aren’t satisfied with the city government’s performance in certain areas.

      • justinbc

        Have you been outside all day looking for them? Because if not saying you haven’t seen them doesn’t mean much. It’s a big area, the chance you would happen to see one of seven people is pretty rare.

      • FWIW, I actually have seen bike cops in this exact neighborhood (usually around 11th/10th Street and Maryland Ave.) during both daytime and nighttime hours. They’re usually riding together in groups of 3-6 or so, and are wearing clearly visible MPD bike jackets.

        But as a fellow resident, I agree that the uptick in crimes both violent and otherwise is concerning. (There was also a snatch-and-grab robbery yesterday around the same time at 8th & H NE.) I don’t have the definitive answer as to what can be done, but just wanted to say that I have, in fact, seen the bike cops riding around that area in the last few weeks.

  • justinbc

    Right across the street from the GDoN.

  • It was actually the corner of 10th and g (not f st.) right by the front entrance to the rec center. My daughter and I walked by the police cordon tape a little after 6pm.

    I live two blocks from there and walk back and forth to that playground pretty regularly. I actually see the “gangs” of bicycle police riding up and down g all the time. I’m not saying crime isn’t happening, but if you spend much time walking around that area I promise you’ll see police pretty frequently.

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