Maki Shop opening “very soon” in Logan Circle

1522 14th Street, NW

I asked the folks at Maki Shop for an opening date update and they tweet us:

“@PoPville hard to say, but we are at the very last part of the process passing permits. It should be very soon.”

The Washington Post writes:

“When his place opens in late March or early April, Norris plans to roll out a concise menu (see below) of more than 10 maki rolls divided into meat, seafood and vegetable categories.”



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  • sounds great! Jim is great at rolling sushi.

  • Mug of Glop

    Definitely can’t wait! I’m a little skeptical about the robot sushi they describe in the Post article, but I’m pretty eager to try it.

  • lindz0722

    I wish the menu had a little more by way of variety/options. I’m excited to give it a try, but not having any customization given such a small menu limits the number of times I’d realistically stop in.

  • maxwell smart

    You know, it would be nice it every new bar and restaurant that opened in DC didn’t look EXACTLY the same. Look, I get the reclaimed-wood, tolix stool, brooklyn hipster look is super trendy but seriously… I would like to see someone do something a little different.

    • Mug of Glop

      I think they just ordered the “upscale, eclectic hipster” package from whatever design catalog. I’ve seen these exact same stools and very similar flooring/furniture at a couple places in Ann Arbor, of all places. (Ann Arbor being the upscale, eclectic hipster capital of the midwest, of course.)

    • hooville

      Not to mention that I find the tolix stools incredible uncomfortable after about 30 minutes. Great way to keep customer turnover high, I guess? Every time I go somewhere and see these I cringe.

      • That’s precisely the point. 😉 Also, I think those stools are relatively cheap when compared to other options.

  • Great…a fast food casual sushi place. Because those needs weren’t being met by Tsunami, Teakwood, and Whole Foods already. Logan needs two types of restaurants really bad. A decent deli alternative to Taylor and an excellent Indian restaurant. I should point out that I think Taylor is perfectly fine, but really closer to U Street, plus, its kind’ve ubiquitous at this point. I’d love for same place like a Stachowskis to open nearby. As far as Indian goes, it’s my favorite cuisine and yet we don’t have any good Indian places nearby! That said, if one did open it would no doubt serve the same 12-14 items you see at every Indian place, which wouldn’t really interest me either.

    • Indian in DC is greatly lacking, IMHO, compared to other metro areas in the U.S. Just not a lot of options, especially delivery. We seem to have really high-end Indian places and not much else.

      • Such is our sad reality 🙁

        I’d love for someplace like Passage to India (in Bethesda) open in the Logan area.

      • This is incredibly wrong – the DC area has one of the highest concentrations of indian immigrants in the country and the cuisine to match. From Bombay Club, arguably the best traditional indian food in the country, to Rasika, Masala Art, and other high end places matched with places like Woodlands in Langley Park and Delhi Dhaba in Arlington, the region may be the best in the country for Indian. All that said, the Logan / U street areas are strangely devoid of sharing in this bounty and I would also love to see this happen.

      • Delivery = usually the worst stuff (of any cuisine) available

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