UPDATE: Confirmed. Jose Andres’ Beefsteak also coming to Dupont?


UPDATE from the Washington Post. Confirmed for early summer.

A tipster says yes. In that row just south of the Dupont North metro exit where the Sweetgreen, ShopHouse and Burger joint are. If true this would be the 2nd Beefsteak, following the one in Foggy Bottom. You can read about the “vegetable-focused fast casual restaurant” here.


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  • The tipster’s information is accurate.

  • Has anyone been to the Foggy Bottom location? I’m curious how it compares to Shop House in terms of how much food you get. (I’m assuming it’s at least moderately tasty for the price.)

    • It’s not open yet, either, I believe. Website still says “Opening Early 2015.”

    • Yep – soft open. Phenomenal food – crazy amount of variety in vegetables/sauces/grains/toppings, and all tasted delicious.

      Also sticks to Jose’s insistence that the restaurant will be vegetable-focused. Although ordering is done Chipotle-style down the counter line, he doesn’t start with your grain or sauce or protein (which itself is definitely an afterthought and has limited options). He starts with what vegetables you want cooked to include.

      Highly recommended, despite the crazy lines. Hopefully it becomes much more pleasant to visit once GW finishes for the year and the undergrads all go home.

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