“In Over 8 Years I have never seen a person go in or out.”

815 Florida Avenue, NW

“Dear PoPville,

I have lived in LeDroit for almost 8 years and have been by this building hundreds of times and have never seen a person go in or out. What is this place? Is it a real agency?”

District of Columbia Housing Finance Agency is for real:

“The HFA was established in 1979 to stimulate and expand homeownership and rental housing opportunities in Washington, D.C. We accomplish our mission by issuing mortgage revenue bonds that lower the homebuyers’ costs of purchasing homes and the developers’ costs of acquiring, constructing and rehabilitating rental housing. We embrace our responsibility with conviction and pledge our best efforts to serve as the city’s champion for homeowners and renters and to act as the city’s principal catalyst for neighborhood investment.”

Anyone ever interact with them through the DC Opens Doors or other programs?

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  • I did, I went to the DC open Doors Open house in June and I used this agency to buy my place in November.

  • I’ve never seen anyone go in or out and have wondered the same thing! This building and its hideous parking garage are a dead zone on that block. The city should sell the land and relocate this monstrosity to another part of the city.

  • Good thing they have a huge parking deck for their exclusive (non)use. It would be great if this parcel could go before the Reeves center — although I would miss the guy that parks his car, blasts his beats, and dances with himself in front of the reflective windows.

  • I have never seen anyone go in or out, but I do recall a man dancing to music playing from his car just outside that building many times last summer. We used to watch him from the DC9 rooftop. I liked his style.

    • We watched him from the Brixton rooftop on some lovely Sunday afternoons last year. We dubbed him “Pop and Lock.”

  • That explains why the city seems completely unable to find people to buy ADUs.

  • No idea about the HFA but I have seen some guy park his car out in front of this building on many occasion, open doors, music blasting, dancing and having great time. I think he digs watching himself dance in front of the mirrors 🙂 fun stuff.

  • I’ve gone to a DC Opens Doors information session there in the evening before. Since it was in the evening, I didn’t get a sense of how much foot traffic comes in and out during the day, but the information session was not terribly well attended (granted, the weather was lousy that day).

  • I got to imagine this place will eventually be flattened, sold, and condo’d. Only a matter of time.

  • this property needs to be sold by the city. It is an eyesore and a huge waste of space that could be of much more benefit to the neighborhood.

  • We bought out house through DC Opens Doors. We never went to that building. My real estate agent hosted a Q&A session with the DC Opens Doors manager at her office. That was my only interaction with them. All the paper work was completed by my mortgage lender.

  • Ahhh!!! Noticed I hadn’t complained about buying a house lately? Guess why?? DC OPENS DOORS!!! It works, I used it, can not tout it enough. Sorry you don’t notice the workers going back and forth to work, but they worked for me!!! Love this program, sorry the building was not designed to fit into the NEW scheme of things but the program is AWESOME, for those of us whom qualify….

    • I don’t think anyone is saying the program shouldn’t exist, just that it could easily exist elsewhere (probably with a much smaller footprint) and this large, prominent space could be reimagined.

      • Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but DC buildings are multipurposed. For instance, there was a building in SW behind a club, had no signage, empty parking lot. Turns out it was a FBI building. The above mentioned building may be used to store stuff (kind of like the DC Police storage facility in SW). My work building was used as a shooting range (yes while we are at work). The great thing about this city is nothing is what it truly seems. Its the mystic of being a Federal City. How do we know that it’s blueprint isn’t being used EXACTLY the way it is supposed to? You wanna repurpose something? Turn that huge FBI building across the street from Trump’s new building into a homeless shelter. Yes, get rid of biggest, unaddressed problem in this city….

        • Don’t worry, the FBI building will be high priced condos as soon as they build the new HQ in the burbs, post MD/VA bidding war.

      • Yeah, the office could probably be consolidated into the Reeves center or one of DC gov’s several properties around town. No one is arguing that the program shouldn’t exist, but I can’t imagine anyone other than employees who drive into work and enjoy that massive parking garage can make an argument for DC keeping the building off the tax rolls.

  • So this area is LeDroit Park – I pass by the building once a week and never knew I was in LeDroit.

    • I think the person lives in LeDroit. I wouldn’t consider this LeDroit–I’d call it the U Street Corridor or maybe Shaw. I always thought LeDroit started at the fancy sign near Howard Theater.

  • niceflipflop

    Not two days ago I was sitting in traffic on Florida, glanced over, and thought the exact same thing. I don’t know how many times I’ve driven/biked/walked by this place and never noticed it.

  • Regardless of the agency’s effectiveness at their mission and/or long-term office needs, can we at least get some parking going here? They literally have the only parking structure around, in a very popular and congested neighborhood. The Reeves Center opens up their tiny garage to public parking; couldn’t this agency do the same and bring in $10-15 per space, at least every weekend and every night 930 Club has a show? The fact that the District hasn’t jumped on this opportunity is unsurprising, though.

  • My husband and I worked with this group through the DC Opens Doors program. They made a 3 percent down payment on our house, which worked out to about $11,000. They are extremely nice people and very easy to work with.

  • I work there. There is a side entrance. Agency owns the actual building. If you are delinquent on your property taxes we can help you. If you need down payment assistance, we can help you. : )

  • I’ve been in *and* out (go figure) for PSA meetings held here.

  • I qualify for the open doors down payment assistance, I am a DC government employee, and just went under contract. How long is does it take to complete the paperwork?

  • I have attended community meetings in this building with the local police precinct but that was several years ago. The bus in the parking garage has never moved in 10 yrs and is probably melted into the structure. DC would be better served moving this agency to a regular office building and selling the land. It could fund mortgages for hundreds of residents.

  • Anonomnom

    We actually tried to go through them for purchasing our place. For any new home-buyers, I highly recommend looking into this program, especially if you don’t have enough to do a conventional down payment. In the end, we couldn’t use the program because I didn’t have enough of a history on my student loan payments (read: One payment) but its still a great program. With how many millennial are moving into the city with debt but well paying jobs, I’ll never understand why more don’t explore the potential of home ownership rather than throwing your money away on rent. Yes, the initial cost is heavy, but programs like Open Doors help alleviate that, and you end up building equity and getting a lot more back in taxes at the end of the year, all while paying less a month. Its a win/win.

    Never went to this building though 😛

  • The agency owns that building, not the city. Aside from the graffiti on the sign, the building is actually nice & interesting inside. The architecture is just a bit dated. They don’t need to sell the building to fund mortgages. They already fund hundreds of millions of mortgages! They fund some amazing projects like the Yards Park. Don’t judge a book by its cover people.

  • So it sounds like the consensus here is to demo the building and replace it with a large mirror with 1 parking space in front.

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