Winter Storm Watch Wed. Night with potential for 5 or more inches of Snow

Photo by PoPville flickr user Katie Yaeger Rotramel

From Alert DC:

“The National Weather Service reports they have issued a Winter Storm Watch in effect from March 4, 07:00 PM EST until March 5, 07:00 PM EST. This winter storm has the potential to produce 5 or more inches of snow accumulations during this period. Please clear snow and ice from walkways and use caution while traveling on roadways to prevent injury and auto accidents.”

Remember just keep thinking about April 11th if you get too down.

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  • Pablo Raw

    At this point I may as well buy a cow! I can’t keep going to the store to get milk again and again!

  • Keyword: POTENTIAL. The Capital Weather Gang has low confidence in making any prediction about tomorrow night’s weather. Today hasn’t been a problem thankfully.

  • I want three more snow days!

  • I Dont Get It

    I have no doubt that there is the potential that someone in the extended Metro area from the mountains to the ocean will get 5 inches of snow but what about in downtown DC?

  • Arrrrrghhhh nooooooooooooo. Please stop already. 🙁

    If it snows again it had better be enough to close work at least. Grumble grumble grumble.

  • As a DC native who spent 3 years in Denver. LOL. Grow a pair people. Its almost April!

    • I suppose spending a few years somewhere snowy makes you an expert? I grew up in the Northeast and when I first moved to DC 13 years ago I thought I’d be getting away from winter weather. So yes, I’m just a bit grumpy it didn’t turn out that way!

    • justinbc

      Tell me more about this “Denver” place.

  • Brooklyn Brawler

    I never believe this forecast until it happens. If the forecast says 4-8 inches I want 12 inches or more. My guess is 2 inches of snow but every local news channel will report this all day and show live coverage of places outside of 202, 301 and 703 with higher snow totals.

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