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  • 319 East Capitol Street SE was built in the mid-1870s, shortly after the house to the left and well after the house with the gable roof, which pre-dates the Civil War. Simple and stately, 319 is a pretty typical middle class Washington house from the 1870s.

    • Brian, do you perchance know what explains the strange set-back? Seems like it would’ve made sense to build up to the house on the left.

      • No, I can only speculate. It does seem that they would have built flush with its contemporaries but instead it defers to and respects its elder on the other side. Good form, I say.

        Lots in the city were originally way bigger than they usually are in residential neighborhoods today. The two houses on the right are both on the original lot 12 of Square 787, so at some point they had the same owner. So it is POSSIBLE that the folks in the older corner house either built the neighboring house or sold the lot with an agreement for a setback.

  • I like the variety, the lack of uniformity, the differences, not the similarities.

    • I do too! I love the streetscape on the Hill for just that reason.

      I also love Petworth’s long unbroken, unpainted rows of identical brick houses. I think it’s a shame that soon there might be no such left.

  • What’s the story on the house to the right? Is it an addition?

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