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  • Found (at least 2 possibilities) the first is more likely though the place number is different….. I saw from a piece in the May 09, 1902 Evening Star for the dissolution of partnership – that an Isaac Levy & Son were in the paint, oil, and glass business (no address given). It was taken over by George W Levy & Bro. The 1896 city business directory had this company at 1015 1/2 7th NW and they were in the glass business (George W Levy was also part of this with tracks with the information related to a will that went into probate in 1917 when Isaac died). The 1903 had the firm name as George W Levy & Bro at that 7th St. address. An 1887 directory had an Isaac Levy selling paints at 1009 7th NW.

    Also a June 04, 1898 ad in the Washington Bee had them at 1001 1/2 4th SW that the sold clothes, shoes, hats, trunks, velice, jewelery, and merchant tailoring. They had branches at 727 and 1021 1/2 4th SW.

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