Homebody Design Store will Stay open until Summer before Roses Luxury Folks Take Over

715 8th Street, SE

In early February we learned that next door neighbors, Roses Luxury, would be opening a new restaurant in the Homebody space on Barracks Row. I stopped in to ask when they were closing and was told they’ll be open until summer. Also they’re looking for new space. Updates when a final date is known and a new space is found. If you’re not familiar with the shop you can see Homebody’s website here. Last we spoke there was a lot of love/hate for them. Mark me in the love column:


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  • Here’s hoping they come to Tenleytown! We could do with some decent retail in our hood.

  • Yay!

  • Come to H st!!!!!

  • come to Bloomingdale!! We have NO retail here, lots of food but no shopping, and we miss you since we moved from the Hill. I don’t understand the hate – we always liked the people and the store.

  • Please stay somewhere on Barracks Row. You are a great store with great people.

  • Love Homebody! Great shop, run by a great neighbor and lifelong Hill resident. I know firsthand that she’s been looking in the Barracks/Eastern Market neighborhood, but it’s slim pickings. The influx of high-end and chain restaurants have really escalated the price per sq/ft. I really hope she can stay on the hill.

    • It would require a major revamp, but there is an available space a few storefronts down from Montmartre. Also one on the northeast corner of the marktet. Those spots would get more foot traffic during the weekends than their current spot. Unless you knew it was there or had a reason to go, it was really easy to miss.

  • Homebody is an awesome store. It is sad to see them have to leave Barrack’s Row. I really hope they can stay in the neighborhood!

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