Heads Up Part Two – Taxi Snow Emergency Fare ($15) extended to 1:00 am

Photo by PoPville flickr user Ryan Chiachiere

From the DC Taxi Commission:

“Snow Emergency Fare extended to 1:00 am on 3/6/15. DC taxis may add $15 to metered fare.”

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  • I Dont Get It

    I heard on the news that the emergency add on fee in Montgomery County is $2.50.

  • In the meantime, UberX is only 1.6 surge pricing right now.

    • Ugh. Jealous. I tried to use it around 9pm and it was 2.4x then 2.6x. Ended up metroing which wasn’t bad.

  • “may add” = absolutely will add

  • I used Uber twice today to get to and from work. No surge pricing for each trip. Both trips together cost $21 total. Cabs would have been about $10 + the $15 surcharge each way, or $50.

    I don’t know why the DC cab fee is so high. It just seems to destroy demand. MontCo apparently has a $2.50 fee. Even $5 would be reasonable for DC, but $15 is crazy. I saw a lot of empty cars as I went by in my Ubers.

    • Completely agree. I think a $5 surcharge would make sense. It should be enough to get some cabs on the road, but not enough to kill demand. I would never pay $15 unless I absolutely 100% had to. Especially with UberX, which I took twice yesterday, once for 1.6 surge and once 1.8. Total bill was $12 once and $18 the other. Cabs would have been $30 each.

  • figby

    It cost me $35 today for a trip that usually costs $8.50.

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