Hate Graffiti in Adams Morgan


A reader sends in this despicable sight:

“A car was spray painted “I luv N****s” btwn 18th and California st NW in Adams Morgan area.”

Last week we heard about cars getting tagged in Columbia Heights but this is a whole other level. I hope MPD resources are assigned to catch this criminal especially if it’s the same serial offender.

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  • This sucks but what’s more disturbing is what turns up if you search for “I luv N!@@as” (unedited of course). It’s a popular expression in amongst black youth.

    • No, it’s not a popular expression among black youths. It’s way too easy to think that coming form a narrow minded upbringing. There are black youths that do not live in the “hood”, even a lot that do that are interested in not having a hood mentality. There are also tons of kids who grew up in suburban areas that aren’t black that use the word amongst themselves, there are very well educated black youths who do not use this kind of language at all and you’d know that if you looked beyond the narrow minded places you get your impressions of black youths that you have… It greatly irritated me that you’d feel so justified to type something like that.

  • It looks like it was done by someone who knew the person. It seems like a pretty personalized “tag”, and considering no other vehicles nearby were tagged, it just seems like the perp knew them.

  • Someone was caught fucking around outside of a relationship and this is the call-out

  • Is it just me or is it a little bit amazing that instead of treating this as a crime (defacing property?) like the other set of taggings, that suddenly once race is involved, people are being dismissive of it (‘oh, that’s a common expression’ … ‘oh they must have known eachother’… etc.)?

  • Has anyone else noticed there has been a serious uptick in tagging along U St. between 18th and 15th streets NW? I walk along there nearly everyday and the amount of graffiti has increase tenfold in the last two weeks.

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