Golden Paradise Restaurant coming to former Rib Pit (next to coming Little Coco’s)

3903 14th Street, NW

Finally. Ever since we learned Little Coco’s Italian Restaurant was coming to the former Rib Pit Lounge we’ve been dying to know who’s taking over the former Rib Pit space it self (where the new Marion Barry mural was painted.) Turns out it will be Golden Paradise Restaurant:

“New family-oriented restaurant serving Mexican, Salvadorian and American food. Total occupancy load of 73.”

Little Coco’s coming left, Golden Paradise Restaurant coming right

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  • That’s a whole lotta name. It’s not just a paradise…’s a golden paradise. Whoa!

  • I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but another Mexican/Salvadoran restaurant? This is a prime spot. It sure would be nice to have a little diversity in food options along this stretch. Our ANC needs to be a little more engaged in helping to bring more diverse food/business options to this area. Reserving judgment on the quality of the food, but disappointed in the cuisine. Sorry.

    • Isn’t there a group of people who developed a 14th St economic development plan? Agree that we need more diversity. Supremely disappointed.

      • CAUFS (Community Alliance for Upper Fourteenth St) has been working to attract new businesses, support existing ones, and do a number of things to support the 14th St corridor. Though they’re looking for more members–much work to do! Email Rob, the membership chair, if you’d like to get involved: palmsprings1961 AT yahoo DOT com

    • epric002

      agree- not excited about ANOTHER mexican/salvodoran restaurant.

    • Prediction: It’ll languish for a year, then reopen under a new name.

    • Sorry to say, but the ANC doesn’t really have a lot of say over what kind of food a business is going to make. It’d be pretty irresponsible for the ANC to turn down permitting for a legitimate business that wants to open in what’s been a vacant spot for a LONG time.

      • I wouldn’t expect the ANC to “hold up” permitting for a legit business. However, as the commenter above noted, where is the economic development leadership for this area? The public report on upper 14th St. commissioned by DC stated that the businesses in this area don’t represent the needs of the neighborhood. There is no diversity in retail or food establishments. Who’s responsibility is it to recruit new business and work to support existing businesses?

  • Very. Disappointing.

  • If they can actually make good Mexican/Salvadoran food, they might have a shot, but that’s in the same strip as Taqueria Habanero, El Sol, Sabor Latino, La Dulce Noche, La Molienda, Gloria’s Pupuseria…etc., etc., etc. I don’t have high hopes at all.

  • When I saw the name, I thought it was going to be a Chinese restaurant. I wish them luck, but we seem to have a lot of these type of places in the neighborhood.

  • another mex/salvadoran joint here is really redundant. I don’t know how these places compete with each other. However, I will say El Sol which is two doors down is amazing. The owner used to cook at Ceiba and takes it up a notch from the usual hole in the wall places all over that area of 14th Street. And they are pretty kid friendly too.

  • As a long-time Randolph Street property owner, I’m eager to see what the saturation point is for unsavory Mexican/Salvadoran restaurants and sub-par dollar stores.

    • You should reach out to the Upper 14th Street CAUF group. They are trying to get some things going in the area, but need more involvement from engaged residents. I heard about them from a few of my neighbors who are looking to get involved as well.

  • How do you say “Bringing coal to Newcastle” in Spanish?

    Fingers crossed the ANC helps make sure it closes at a reasonable time. Too many of these establishments on 14th street double as a “discoteque”, with all the drinking, noise, and drug dealing that goes with it.

    Speaking of, what is the status of the former Carolina space on 14th and Spring? Any word on if 7-11 is going into that new building on 14th and Quincy? Add to that the vacant Getaway and Ruby Tuesday locations and there certainly does seem to be an opportunity for this street to swing either way.

    Does Councilmember Nadeau have an economic plan to bring businesses to this stretch? Can she (at the least) work to have the growing amount of graffiti removed?

    • Put in a 311 request for graffiti removal. The city is usally really quick to remove graffiti. There actually is a demand for those cheap salvadorean restaurants in that area. I think people don’t realize how many latinos actually live in that area. Its at least a third of the population. So its certainly meeting that demand. Just not sure what the saturarion point is. There was a study done for this area. But there needs to be a management entity such as a main street. However, without funding a main street is next to useless. Give it another five years and this stretch of retail will definitely change. Most retail leases are five years minimum so its always behind the curve in reflecting the population moving in.

      • “Put in a 311 request for graffiti removal. The city is usally really quick to remove graffiti.” Really? In my experience, the city will tell you that they can’t remove graffiti unless the property owner requests it, and even then, they’ll remove only gang/”crew”-related graffiti, not other graffiti.

    • Getaway and Ruby Tuesday’s are within Nadeau’s Ward 1 purview. Carolina, possible 7-11, and anything else north of Spring Road is Ward 4, Council Member TBD on April 28 (vote!)

  • andy

    I’m willing to give it a shot. I mean, who would put a bar next to Red Derby? Come on.

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