GDoN? “two-story loft” edition

1225 13th Street Northwest

Under $400k Friday continues with this unit just under the wire located at 1225 13th Street, Northwest in Logan Circle. The listing says:

“Beautiful contemporary two-story loft in Logan Circle. Hardwood floors, granite countertops, SS appliances, spiral staircase! 18-20FT ceilings with large windows. Washer/Dryer IN UNIT! Short walk to all Metro lines.”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1.5 bath is going for $399,950 ($371 monthly fee.)

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  • Anybody else think the railing on the loft is low? I feel as if I’d wake up, trip and go over the top with little space.

    • That was exactly my first thought too! I’m 6’2″, and it looks like that railing would barely go up to my knees!

  • So with the estimated mortgage being 1550 and the fee 371, that’s around 2000 per month? I say good deal, it’s a gorgeous until and a great location. I love it.

  • As an area owner, I hope it goes over asking 😉

    That said, I HATE those spiral stairs. It’s a major fear of mine to fall down them. shudder.

    • I don’t like them either, and my dog won’t use them, so spiral stairs are a deal breaker for me.

      • Our realtor told us that they’re a dealbreaker for a lot of people, and that it’s harder to sell a unit featuring spiral stairs.

  • maxwell smart

    Feels like it could use some new finishes here and it’s hard to tell from the photos what exactly the loft component (2 height volume) really adds to the space, but I suppose it you can afford to buy this is probably a good price for the area. Will there be a under $100K Friday? Actually, I might not even be able to afford that.

  • The apartment is so cluttered it is hard to get a good sense of the space, but overall I like it. Agree that the loft railing looks especially low though. Eek.
    It has been a dream of mine to have a spiral staircase so I would love to live here!

  • I guess I’m in the minority here, but I liked yesterday’s(?) loft MUCH better. If either of the PH units were available in yesterday’s(?) building, I would be all over them.

    Based on the pictures, it looks like your view is of your neighbor; 5 feet from your window. I imagine your shades would be closed 24/7. No thanks!

    • “Based on the pictures, it looks like your view is of your neighbor; 5 feet from your window. I imagine your shades would be closed 24/7. No thanks!”

      100% agree. I can not and will not llive like that. However, if you are adamant on living in Logan and this is within your budget, seems like a good deal.

    • I like yesterday’s unit better as well, but I think it was almost twice the price of this one.

  • This seems shockingly underpriced if it’s actually 950 square feet ($420/ft!). What’s the catch?

    • One catch is that your bedroom doesn’t have a door, since it’s on the loft. I wonder if this might technically be a studio, rather than a 1BR.

      • maxwell smart

        I think since there are 2 distinct spaces for “living” and “sleeping” as they are on separate levels, then I think it would fall under the 1 bedroom category, despite said “room” not having walls and a door.

  • Intrigued… the occupant (one of the occupants?) has records and what appear to be flight cases for turntables.

  • I have a unit in that same building. The loft railing is definitely higher than my waist (i’m 5’10”). No one has ever been scared of it!

    What seems to be throwing everyone off is that gigantic super tall bed.

    The until is also around 800 square feet. Not 950.

    • maxwell smart

      That railing is maybe 36″ max. Nightstands are usually at most 29″-30″ tall and the railing does not appear to be much taller then the nightstand. Maybe I’m, weird, but that bed doesn’t seem super tall to me – mine is probably similar if not taller – I don’t like feeling like I am sleeping on the floor.

  • I bet this goes for over list. A smaller unit with the same floorplan, more upgraded but much shorter on size and on a lower floor, was listed for $425K recently and is currently under contract.

    • Yikes. That tile backsplash seems to be spreading like a fungus throughout the condo. By the time the sale closes, it may have cover the ceilings as well.

      • Yeah, when I looked at the linked condo a few months ago I thought “Well, these are very specific design choices for this person’s taste,” although her taste sort of mirrored mine so I was okay with it. It has one of those cool fridges that has a door that blends in with the cabinetry, which is fun. I did not make an offer because I like having a real bedroom and the price of $425K for no bedroom wall seemed ludicrous.

  • Where are the ~400 square feet not pictured here? This unit looks tiny, and I have a hard time believing it’s bigger than my spacious (actual) 1.5 BR place.

    That said, I think it’s beautiful, though at this point in my life I would not actually live in a loft. Still probably qualifies as a good deal if it’s actually 800+ sq ft

  • No chance that this place is 950 square feet. Public records say 670 which looks more like it judging from the photos. Real estate agents and/or sellers should be penalized for inaccurately reporting objective features such as square footage.

    Even with that, I still think it’s a touch underpriced. It sold for $370k eight years ago and real estate in that neighborhood has appreciated quite a bit.

  • Seems like this setup — one-bedroom that’s open to the downstairs — would be best for a single person living alone who rarely has out-of-town guests. If you’re partnered, you’d be stuck having to, say, tiptoe around the kitchen to make yourself breakfast or a midnight snack or whatever while your partner was sleeping upstairs.

  • I am surprised that this is 900 SF. It looks out at a wall, and when you have to go pee in the middle of the night, you have to walk down a spiral staircase.

    That said, the location is A+ and it’s hard to find stuff for that in this price range — often i noticed stuff was going over here.

    I looked at a loft kind of like this that was 470, and 600 SF, and it went pretty fast, and it looked out over an alley. but it was nicer. still not my cup of tea.

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