GDoN? “Top floor unit with amazing light” edition

1280 21st Street Northwest

This unit is located at 1280 21st Street, Northwest. The Listing says:

“Amazing West End/Dupont Circle Location! Must see at the St. George! Top floor unit with amazing light and easy access to the St. George’s amazing roof deck with monument views! 1 bedroom, 1 bath condo with hardwood parquet floors and amazing closet space! Secs to mulitiple Metro stations, shops, restaurants and more! Walk score of 98 – everything you could want is mere steps/blocks away!”

1280 21st Street Northwest inside

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $319,900 ($395 monthly fee.)

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  • binpetworth

    It’d be nice to see this staged with actual living room furniture. The set-up seems a bit odd now, and it’s hard to gauge how real furniture fits. That said, great location, and probably within a reasonable price range for the area, despite the small size.

  • I think the point is that there is no real space for an actual living room. While a one-bedroom, this place is studio sized at 500 sq. ft. The ones with an l-shaped LR/DR wrapped around a kitchen, at 650-750 sq. ft. actually provide you with enough room for a living room and a place to dine. This one is small, and oddly laid out to boot.

    • It’s hard to tell with the existing staging. My old place was a 580-square-foot one bedroom with no dining room but enough space for a table in the kitchen. That apartment was definitely small, but the layout was excellent and the living room and bedroom were both decently sized. In contrast, the place I lived before that was a 700-square-foot (or maybe it was 750?) one-bedroom and it was ENORMOUS.

  • The bedroom seems small but usable. The LR is a puzzler w/o furniture. The kitchen looks a bit dated. No real building amenities mentioned. The price is probably a little high, all things considered.

  • I own a similar sized unit in “Dupont” (but north of the circle) with similar fees – if they spent a few bucks on professional staging and had professional (or at least actually good pictures) taken, this place will go quickly. Mine went under contract in 4 days with 7 offers. Mine has a few more updates, but still – the market is very strong. But instead, it’ll look crappy in pictures and people won’t take the time to see it. And 319,900 is a stupid price. They should list it under $315k and will probably get closer to $319k IMO

  • I hope the plantation shutters convey — my understanding is that those things are really expensive.
    It looks like the door from the living room into the bedroom is a louvered closet-type door, which seems weird — especially since the one from the bedroom into the bathroom is a regular door.
    Also, the IKEA wardrobe in the bedroom says to me that there’s not enough closet space.

    • They are quite pricey–I’m guessing that “top floor” gets too much natural sun at times which is why someone made the investment.

      • Top floor apartments are where all the rising heat stops and gathers to chat in summer! I can attest. Can get hot and stuffy.

  • I can get the layout from the pictures. There is one main rectangular living/dining room, which has to also act as a corridor between the bedroom on one side and the kitchen and entry door on the other, so the center of that room has to remain clear for walking through. The room is oddly bisected by a half wall on one side between the large window and and the bedroom that juts into the room on one side, and a full wall across from that (by the entry, holding a closet) jutting in on that side. Which means you could put say, a sofa, on the wall where the table is, or where the two chairs are, and a dining table either where the table is now, or on the wall where the two chairs are (I’d put one in that window nook near the chairs created by the half wall, by the large window.) A few spaces for other furniture, but the room will never feel cozy when it is also a corridor and also weirdly bisected by the partial walls. I think that’s why they didn’t stage with more furniture, then it would be obvious.

    Yes, top floors are hot, you bake under the roof, but you don’t get woken up by your upstairs neighbors all the time (assuming you aren’t directly under the roof deck) and the heat can be dealt with if you have AC in there through true central AC works best in such a place.

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