GDoN? “lots of bookshelves” edition

2153 California Street Northwest

This unit is located at 2153 California Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“NEW LISTING! 2 apartments combined, approx 1600sf (floor plan). Charming, elegant corner condo faces SW for great light/views. Architectural details, lots of bookshelves, flexible living floor plan. Possible 2nd bath & laundry. Rental parking often available at the Envoy across street, Marriott Courtyard, Hilton, both 2 blks away. Dupont Red Line Metro just 6 blks away.This updated gem won~t last.”

2153 California Street Northwest living 2

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/1 bath is going for $825,000 ($793 monthly fee.)

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  • I Dont Get It

    That office picture looks like it was dropped in from another Real Estate listing!

  • HaileUnlikely

    With mortgage plus condo fees working out to roughly what a $1M single-family home would cost, I’d at least want a second bathroom, or hell, even a just an added half-bath. I can’t see spending this much and still not being able to accommodate simultaneous pooping by two individuals without requiring either to resort to doing something out of desepration.

    • Didn’t you read the listing? “lots of bookshelves”. This isn’t for you young Kindle millennials.

      • Not like Millennials would be interested in this location anyway. Would be perfect for a wealthy retired couple though.

        • maxwell smart

          I mean, I guess it’s not 14th or H street or anything but Dupont and Adams Morgan are stone’s throw’s away.

          • Yeah but Dupont and Adams Morgan are kind of in a no-man’s land. One thing millennials really value are short commutes, which most people wouldn’t get here.

          • It’s a 20 minute commute or 25 minute walk to Golden Triangle area. Another 2 on the metro to Metro Center. How is that a no-mans land? I’m a millenial and get your point, but this is a great location for someone who wants a short commute.

          • For people that happen to work in Golden Triangle or Metro Center that’s great. But that’s not typical. When I look at Find My Friends at night all my friends are in DC. By the next morning they’re spread out in NoVA and PG County. Jobs in in DC are becoming increasingly less common. The last time I was looking for a job approximately 1 out of every 50 was actually in DC proper, and those were generally in the eastern quadrants.

          • maxwell smart

            “Yeah but Dupont and Adams Morgan are kind of in a no-man’s land” – WOW. If that’s true then I must live in the sticks.

          • To Eastern Market, that’s interesting insight into your friends and your industry. But obviously a great deal of people work in the completely full office buildings of downtown DC, metro center, Farragut, Dupont, etc. Your anecdotal experience notwithstanding, it’s a statistical fact that nearly 750,000 people work in DC, so there’s literally hundreds of thousands of people for whom this is a convenient location. About half a million people commute into DC; a tiny fraction of that commute from DC outwards.

          • “Yeah but Dupont and Adams Morgan are kind of in a no-man’s land.” Hardly — Dupont is basically one Metro stop from the business district, and Adams Morgan is two stops (if you count Woodley Park as its Metro station).

          • Yeah, I guess we’re mostly STEM or STEM-related fields like patent law.

          • SouthwestDC

            Wish I were one of the 750,000! I did work in SE DC at once point but always fantasized about working downtown.

          • Not a typical millennial apartment. Not because of bookshelves, but because they are used to mod cons in all the newer buildings like in unit laundry and multitude of bathrooms. But for those who like these old buildings better than new ones, this is nice. Though its a bit too modern for me – I want a bathtub. This could be made really nice with a bathroom (with tub) and laundry added – but given that, I think it may be priced a bit high given that you’d need to add that bathroom. I lived very nearby, and loved the convenience of the area, both walking to various places and to Dupont metro. They don’t say what floor it is on, but views from the public rooms seem to clear the treetops, so are likely nice views out the front of the building – but the bedroom windows seem to face the building’s courtyard. They seem to get enough light, and I don’t care about having views in my bedroom, but I’m not sure I’d like being that close to neighboring windows.

      • HaileUnlikely

        I’m waaay too old to be mistaken for a millennial. So old that my brain works kind of slowly sometimes. It’s going to take me a good long while to figure out what that age and bookshelves have to do with wanting more than one bathroom. Many old people are married and/or invite friends over on occasion. Some of our friends are too old to be able to just hold it. Hence the need for more than a single bathroom.

        • This definitely needs another bathroom. All those bookshelves hold lots of bathroom reading material.

      • Millennial here. I love the bookshelves. Not everything has to be a generational war.

        • And the location is fabulous. But keep making assumptions.

          • Anonomnom

            +1…. million…

          • Oy, tough crowd today. I too am a millennial book lover with a (seldom used) kindle and a wall of bookshelves, though I guess you had no way of knowing that. I tried a funny. 🙂
            And for the record, I completely agree about wanting a second bathroom. And I think this is a great location chock full of beautiful dwellings, just not my personal first choice.

      • Not to hijack this thread, but what constitutes a millenial? I’m 32 and I think technically I am, but I don’t feel like it.

        By the way, I think this place is fantastic. But figure you’re monthly carrying costs are going upwards of $4k once you also include parking at the Envoy. Pricey, but nice. Great neighborhood.

        • SouthwestDC

          I’m 32 and relate more to Millenials than Gen X for the most part.
          I’m not a big fan of this location although I do love bookshelves!

        • Millennial refers to the cohort born 1980-the turning of the new millennium.

    • Hah. It’s especially odd since it was once 2 apartments, so presumably there were 2 bathrooms..

    • Actual LOL upon reading “simultaneous pooping.”

  • nightborn

    It’s beautiful – but 1 bathroom? Nooo

    • Accountering

      I agree with this. With a 1600 sq foot floorplan, they should have been able to squeeze in a small 1/2 bath. I have an 800 sq foot two story floorplan, and even with a stair case and two bedrooms, we are squeezing in a 1/2 bath downstairs.

  • Agreed on the bathroom issue, but the listing says second bath or laundry possible. Looking at the floor plan, it’s doable in the area of the of the office and walk-in closet off of the first bedroom. I think the location, square footage and quality of the property make it a great deal. Wish I had money for it

  • $825k and no laundry in the unit?!

  • I would be so happy to retire into a place like this. I really like it.

    • SouthwestDC

      Yeah, I wouldn’t choose this location now because it’s too deep in the city to easily get to the job centers where my girlfriend and I work or are likely to work in the future. But once we’re retired and no longer have to set foot in VA/MD ever again I could see us living in a place like this.

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