GDoN? “in the Mendota!” edition

2220 20th Street Northwest

Ed. Note: Every Wed. we feature “house porn” over $1.25 million. On the flip side I’m starting “under $400k Friday” – featuring, you guessed it, real estate under $400k.

This unit is located at 2220 20th Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“OPEN SUN 3/8, 1-3pm! Charming 1BR/1BA unit in the Mendota! Exquisite original features/convenient upgrades, this home is a rare opportunity that cannot be missed! Sleek new kitchen + updated bath are sure to impress. Contrasting the modern updates are classical details incl. beautiful crown molding, 10 foot ceilings & more. Moments to restaurants, shops, and services of Adams Morgan & Dupont.”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $289,900 ($622 monthly fee.)

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  • Aglets

    I can’t tell what’s going on in the kitchen- a big dorm fridge and a tiny hole for a sink? Or is it just a bad photograph?

  • west_egg

    “under $400k Friday” – I like it!!
    As for the listing, the hardwood floors & doors are GORGEOUS. Only negative in my view are the teeny tiny fridge and sink in that micro-kitchen. I suppose if you’re someone who doesn’t cook a lot, that wouldn’t necessarily be a huge drawback.

  • That kitchen just makes me laugh. No thank you.

    • Spoken like a cook :^) Who cares about the kitchen. This place is beautiful.

      • Guilty as charged! I agree that it is a beautiful apartment. But how would I ever wash a roasting pan in that sink? 😉

        • SouthwestDC

          I cook a lot and don’t mind small kitchens, so I was prepared to argue about the size of this one. But yeah, that sink would be a dealbeaker.

          • That kitchen reminds me of living on a boat, and I don’t mean houseboat, but a real boat.

  • Nice and then….you see the kitchen/random basement pictures. Puts what I’m about to put on the market in to perspective!!! (thankfully)

  • The sink in the bathroom looks bigger than the one in the kitchen – that would make me so sad 🙁

  • Kitchen terrible and closed off. No thank you.
    Where are all the open floorplans under $400?

    • I don’t think you’re going to find that many open floorplans in that price range, in part because most one-bedroom units don’t have dining rooms or dining-room-type spaces. And for the layouts that actually do allow for taking a small galley kitchen and opening it up (which I don’t think would be possible here)… typically you end up with less cabinet space. This kitchen has precious little cabinet space as it is.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Nowhere. You’re pretty much looking for either new construction or a fairly recent renovation. Those aren’t going to be under $400K. Your best path to open floorplan under $400K is probably to buy cheap and renovate it yourself.

    • A lot of large older buildings had dining rooms (sometimes opening to the public as restaurants) and tiny kitchens. Tileden Grdens was probably the last building/complex built this way (late 30s). Consequently yoy can find very small kitchens in some of these places–Tilden Gardens has some large 1 bedrooms with kitchens not much bigger than this. Some in the Cairo (built as a residential hotel) are even smaller. If you want a low price, you can’t have everything.

      • Some large apartment buildings built early in the 1900s were even built with some apartments, called “bachelor” apartments, having no kitchens at all – just a living room, bedroom and bathroom. The kitchens put in these when they were converted later are truly tiny.
        I’ve been in apartments like this one in this building. They are really nice. The kitchens are small, but can be quite workable. Often, though, like this one, they have been renovated with not well-thought out designs. They can fit larger sinks and taller fridges (you could put a taller fridge here – clearly with that high cabinet it was meant for one. Tall, slim, counter-depth fridges work best.

      • I live in tilden gradens and my kitchen in my 1 bedroom is huge. All of the others I have seen are similarly decent sized. It’s one of the reasons I moved from Logan -bigger kitchen. They are not open floorplan though (which I like) and the kitchens are separate rooms – I’m not an open-floorplan lover so works for me.

  • hammers

    I really like it, but I would hope for a W/D in unit. It looks like a large fridge would work in the space, and I suppose there are worse quirks than a ridiculous sink. Either way, out of my price range so not happening.

    • for that price, you won’t often find w/d in unit. Esp in older buildings. But you should expect a full kitchen. This isn’t.

    • Most of the older buildings in DC – even gorgeous buildings – don’t have in-unit W/D. They don’t have the waterline hookups. Retrofitting an entire 100 year-old building would be extremely costly.
      That said, the fee on this place is really high for such tiny square footage. Does this place have an underlying mortgage? Are taxes lumped into the monthly fee? Utilities and unit maintenance? I’d pay this price if it was a co-op, but not if it is a condo (which usually doesn’t include all that stuff).

      • Also it’s almost certain that the unit doesn’t have enough power to run a W/D. If dryer is gas, same effort as new water lines. I was baffled by the basement photo, too. Perhaps it represents available storage space for the non-faint of heart?

      • If you click on the actual listing, it says it’s a co-op.

        • I wondered when someone would make that neglect or complain about co-ops based on poor intel.

          The kitchen reno probably brought the electrical up to current standards. The w/d issue would be venting and plumbing, as well as space. The upside of not having an in-unit w/d is that you don’t have to spend hours doing a couple loads of laundry.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Technical feasibility aside, some coops explicitly prohibit in-unit washer/dryer in their bylaws, which I do not honestly know but suspect is likely for noise-related reasons. One coop I almost bought had specific hours for its laundry room and using it outside of those hours was prohibited.

    • hammers

      I just meant if I were to buy a place I’d want a W/D….not that I expect old buildings to have them…slow your rolls haha

  • I think that’s a cute little apartment. It’s the kind of thing I’d like to move to next, except that we cook a lot, so we’ll need a bigger kitchen. For a single or couple that doesn’t cook it seems like a great place to me.

    • What would it cost to replace the sink (and counter)? It seems like a minor renovation that could be done in a day for not a lot of money. The kitchen would still not be awesome, but I currently have a similar amount of counter space and cook tons and host parties, you could certainly make it work.
      This seems like a great deal — rent of a similar place would be more than the fee + mortgage payment, and without the tax breaks, equity, etc.. And .

      • That wasn’t meant to be a reply to jcm. I can see why some people wouldn’t want to live with a teeny kitchen. But also think if the size of the sink is the only issue, that’s an easy fix.

      • It looks to me like once you pull out the dishwasher and replace it with a full size sink you’re left with about 15″ of counter space, and no room for an island or cart or whatever. My wife and I enjoy cooking together, and I think with so little counter space that hobby would come to an end.

    • hammers

      Sadly this kitchen is much much nicer and more spacious than my current one, though I do have a real sink.

  • I Dont Get It

    I like this feature. I also liked someone’s suggestion of Bad DIY projects. I havehad some doozeys over the years.

  • The place is very pretty, but I agree about the kitchen. I know I wouldn’t be able to handle that. It seems like the sink is so small because they put a little 18″ dishwasher in there and likewise, the fridge is so small so you can actually get to the sink. Anything wider and it would be hitting the cabinetry on the right.

    • SouthwestDC

      I was just wondering if you could take out the dishwasher and put in a normal-sized sink. That would make things a lot better IMO.

  • SouthwestDC

    Thanks for taking my suggestion! Even if you did bump it up to $400k 🙂

  • I love this feature. I dated someone in the Mendota years ago, it’s a beautiful building with front desk staff (they operate original the elevator too!). As a cook the kitchen is a non-starter but it’s lovely to see the nice details kept in the apartment.

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