GDoN? “First time on the market in 60 years” edition

3020 Albemarle Street Northwest

This house is located at 3020 Albemarle Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“First time on the market in 60 years! What an amazing opportunity to renovate or build your own dream home in the much desired Forest Hills Neighborhood. This home overlooks Soapstone Park and you will only have a neighbor on one side. You are 1/4 mile from Van Ness Metro and minutes from Bethesda, Chevy Chase and Downtown DC. AS-IS only please. Please follow showing instructions to view.”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/3 bath is going for $1,595,000.

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  • That is a really fantastic house. Might need a few updates, but wow.

    • I don’t particularly like the actual house. Yes, it’s location and yard is amazing, but the pictures make the ceilings look relatively low for what I would expect from a manse this size. (Though I guess it could just be the clutter / outdated interiors that are throwing me off.)

  • DC1

    $1.5m “AS-IS” sounds a bit ridiculous.

    • Barring any serious structural damage, you could easily throw 2-400k into this house and come out with a 2.5m property. I speculate that the “as is” addendum serves mostly to let potential buyers know that the sellers aren’t interested in making any improvements themselves.

    • As-is is the name of the game in DC. Nothing fishy about it.

  • HaileUnlikely

    Relative to other offerings in this approximate price range in DC, this strikes me as an outstanding deal.

  • epric002

    awesome house. i want.

  • justinbc

    It could certainly use some updating but it looks in good enough shape to not need too much significant work done to be ideal.

  • I hope whoever buys it submits their updates to the PoPville renovation series, this house has so much potential I’m really curious to see what amazing things are done with it.

  • Blithe

    Wow! I love the sun-porch, and what I guess is the open, windowed room on the top floor of the house. I’d love to be a frequent house guest!

  • I want to live here.

  • What updates does this house need? The kitchen looks to be newly renovated. I don’t see any photos of the bathrooms. The only thing that looks to me as though it really needs to be done is some repainting.

    • justinbc

      “Newly renovated” would accurately describe it, but many/most people in this range want things a bit more custom to their tastes, and may want higher end appliances. While it looks fine and totally livable, I would want to totally gut that kitchen eventually if not before moving in.

      • HaileUnlikely

        You obviously know the market better than I do, and I definitely would agree if this were a high-end renovated rowhouse or condo downtown, but does the market for similarly priced enormous houses with nearly half an acre of land have similar tastes? (Maybe, I don’t know, but I see this appealing to a totally different set of buyers than a $1.6M condo in Logan Circle.)

        • justinbc

          Definitely a different market than someone buying a luxury condo in Logan Circle, but regardless of that if you’ve got $320K to drop on a down payment on a house you likely have an extra $30-50K to throw in whatever appliances you want.

          • I don’t agree that someone who could buy this place, would have another $50K lying around.

            I do agree it looks nicely livable as is (modulo bathrooms and modern wiring), it a bit dated in decor. New paint and new window treatments would address most of those issues.

  • It’s a shame the realator encourages someone to buy as a teardown. This is a unique looking house in an interesting location.

    The “as-is’ probably means that systems and perhaps some of the wiring or plumbing need updating although at least some of the electrical was probably upgraded when they redid the kitchen. No pics of the bathrooms, so I’m assuming the may be in need of work.

  • Beautiful house. I want it!

  • maxwell smart

    Fun Fact: the only Richard Neutra designed house in DC (and maybe the east coast) is right behind this property:

  • I did a simple google street view search and the homes in the neighborhood are amazing. I think it is priced appropriately, but with investment your return would be better than some other popular investment vehicles.

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