GDoN? “a wine cabinet in the building’s wine cave” edition

215 I Street Northeast

This unit is located at 215 I Street, Northeast. The listing says:

“Exquisite 1 bedroom and 1 bath at ABDO’s historic Landmark Lofts on the super hot H Street Corridor! Top of the line finishes:granite counters, Sub-zero fridge, Wolf Range, Water Works fixtures, hardwood floors, a huge covered balcony, garage parking and a wine cabinet in the building’s wine cave. All this and a staffed front desk, media room, club room, roof top pool, fitness center and business!”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $499,000 ($361 monthly fee.)

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  • Surprisingly high price, surprisingly low HOA fee for all the amenities though.

    • Agree. I can’t believe an apartment with a windowless bedroom and no space (I think) for a dining room table is on the market for so much. And it doesn’t seem like the amenities are sustainable with such a low fee.

      • The amenities are shared with the massive Senate Square apartment building, which I would imagine drives the cost down considerably – however, it also drives down your ability to utilize them.

      • The fee isn’t that low for a 1 bedroom, but you’re right the pool will jack it up in the future. Fitness rooms tend to fall into disuse and obsolescence after a while.

    • justinbc

      Yeah that looks like a really nice building, if it’s all been maintained over the years.

  • half a mil for a windowless bedroom? Nice apartment but I needs me a bedroom window (personally)

    • Yeah, they should be listing it as a “junior one-bedroom” (which isn’t required to have a window).

  • HaileUnlikely

    Very nice. I could see the appeal for a single adult or couple who has no plans to have kids and intends to live there for several years. I can’t see this place appreciating enough in the short term to be a sound investment for somebody who is going to want to sell in the foreseeable future. I don’t know are rents well enough to know whether it would make sense to buy planning to rent it out. I’m sure you could make back your monthly expenses renting, but can’t see renting being so immensely profitable that you’d make back your 20% down payment anytime soon (I might be totally wrong on this point, I’m not in the market for a rental or a 1-BR anything)

  • Wow, this place is really overpriced. A wine cabinet in a wine cave might be the greatest amenity I’ve ever heard of for a building… unless it’s just a euphemism for a storage locker in the basement.

  • Those condo fees are going to triple in no time flat with a pool and all the rest of it.

  • With the ongoing condo boom it’s hard to see a condo as a good investment. This place is nicely located and has a few unique aspects, but I don’t see the value increasing much n the next 6-8 years.

    • Is there really much of a condo boom though? Most of the new buildings are going up as apartments. There will be an over-supply of luxury apartments very soon – maybe we’re already there.

  • I Dont Get It

    Crazy price but nice reno!

  • maxwell smart

    The exposed brick racing stripe is really annoying. Either expose the brick wall and celebrate it as a design feature or just cover it up entirely. I’m also not loving the cheap looking commercial pendant fixtures in the living area – this would be much cleaner with recessed cans on a dimmer.

    • I gleaned that there are folks here who really dislike recessed cans. (Though the previous post concerned a large, completely gutted/open layout, which isn’t the case here.)

      • justinbc

        It’s all about scale. That space begged for a beautiful hanging piece, whereas this one would feel cramped with it.

      • I know Victoria hates recessed-can lighting, but I’m not sure how widely that hatred is shared. (In that thread last week about the Brookland house, I posted that I like the recessed-can lights in my house, and Shawess posted that she likes the one in hers.)
        I think they were super-noticeable in the Brookland house because of its overly open floor plan — had there been any division between the rooms, we wouldn’t have been looking at one massive ceiling filled with lights.

  • Expensive for the neighborhood–that’s the dull end of H Street and Union Station is an impediment to a lot of things. The windowless (and rather small looking bedroom is a negative). The amenities are nice but difficult to keep going (fitness rooms die as the equipment goes; pools are expensive). I like the porch–I wonder if the 710 sf reflects that, because everything else seems small for the square footage.

  • The cost seems about par for historical building properties–this isn’t a condo in some new building on H Street. This is in the historical school with large windows and vaulted ceilings….not to mention outdoor space. Check around town–all of those old school units are so coveted on the market, that they receive a premium.

    The assumption that condo fees will increase so sharply in a building almost 10 years old seems rather exaggerated. Its a tiny pool and as mentioned above, this is an expansive building and the cost is shared easily between the larger units.

    • That building was originally a convent and then was the Children’s Museum for many years.

      • Sorry, my error–I remember visiting the museum as a kid when we lived on The Hill. For some reason that association must have made me think it had been a school at some point. However, same principle though. Historical buildings such as this deliver a premium over the condos around the corner.

    • Is this building almost 10 already? I would have guessed more like 5, but I didn’t find it with a quick google…

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