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Missing Cat from Petworth:

“Hi everyone. My cat went missing yesterday in the Petworth area and I am desperately trying to get him back home. His name is Ron and he is orange with a blue collar. He is super friendly and declawed in the front so please grab him if you see him! Even if you just think you see him, please contact me. You can contact me at 904-945-4849 or return him to 509 Crittenden St NW. I am attaching some photos as well.”

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  • I hope you find him soon. My cat went missing last summer and it turned out he was stuck in a tree

  • I’m on 5th and Emerson and will keep an eye out.

  • dumplingdreams

    I”m in Petworth today (working) and will keep eyes open.

  • I hope you find him as well. Orange cats are always so sweet! Check early evening when cats are out and about. I have read that shaking carpets/rugs outside will spread their dander so they can follow their scent home.

  • also, it might be weird, but dump some of his used litter outside your house if possible, usually that’s a stronger scent to help him find his way home/keep off other cats, unlike food.

    Good luck!

  • Hope he comes home soon – but never despair! A friend had a cat go missing (workman left a door open) and found it after 3 months.


    • Such good news! Thank you for the update.

    • Glad to hear this ended well. As someone with two indoor-only cats, I get panicky just reading about people’s cats getting outside!

      • So where was he? How did you find him? Any pointers if the same should happen to any of us?

        • I found him under a house on my street! I don’t know if he had been there the whole time or was on his way back, but a few things I did was put food in the front and back, and I put used cat litter in the front and back since he would be familiar with that scent. I was checking the neighborhood about 3 times a day and last night around 11 pm I decided to just check again and on my way back, I saw his face pop out next to a house and then he scurried back under and i coaxed him out with food.

  • I’m so glad Ron is back home! I wonder if he is the orange cat I saw at Soldiers Home Golf Course about midday yesterday. Looked like he was busy hunting…

  • I am so glad to see that he is home safe.

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