From the Forum – Early Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots

Photo by PoPville reader PB “Stumbled across these Saturday between the Kennedy Center and the Saudi embassy!”

Early Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots:

“As we know the cherry blossoms at tidal basin are going to peak around 4/11-4/14 this year. We have a visitor who was hoping to catch the blossoms and there is nothing out at the tidal basin this week. I think inland away from the basin things peak a week or two earlier. Any spots to just show him a couple trees that are starting to bloom? Anybody see the arboretum this weekend to see whether that’s worth a weekday trip? ”

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  • They’re not cherry trees, but FWIW…. the saucer magnolias in the garden behind the Smithsonian castle are often in bloom 2 weeks before the tidal basin trees.

  • The Scott Circle cherry trees are very nice and sometimes bloom a few days earlier than the Basin, if I recall correctly. Arboreteum may have some early bloomers too — you might be able to just call and ask.

    • +1
      Scott Circle tends to bloom quite early. I’ve seen them open up 7 days earlier.

    • I went to the arboretum a year or two ago hoping for early blooms. Found lots of magnolias and camelias, and probably forcythia, but no cherry blossoms. Agree that a phone call would solve it. And even if your visitor doesn’t see any cherry trees in bloom, the arboretum has so much else to offer!

  • OP here. Thanks for suggestions!

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