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Dog Friendly Places in DC:

“Hi- Now that Spring is approaching, what are some great dog friendly restaurants, bars and shops in DC? I know the CVS in Chinatown is dog friendly along with Irish Channel and Alba’s on Wednesdays for HH. Any other favorites? I wish DC was a more pet friendly city, but I’ll take what I can get!”

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  • You can bring dogs into CVS? That doesn’t seem right.

    • Into the one at 400 Mass you can. I doubt it’s company wide, but that individual store is dog friendly.

  • I bring my dog to Ace Hardware regularly and I have seen a dog or two in JCrew but do not know if they are officially allowed.

  • Almost any place with patio seating. Commissary, Ethiopic, Indigo to name a few.

  • houseintherear

    Ace Hardware is notoriously dog-friendly, and has treats at the register for the pups. 🙂 Many restaurants have dog-friendly patios, at least for the time being. My favs are Boundary Stone, Logan Tavern, Shaw’s Tavern, and RedRocks. CVS is not dog-friendly, be warned… perhaps they didn’t catch you once or twice, but their security guards will kick you out with a dog (it’s because they serve food). A lot of clothing and accessory stores are dog-friendly, if you ask nicely and promise good behavior. Enjoy your spring with your pup! Dogs are the best!

    • houseintherear

      Oh and the patio at Union Pub on the Hill is very fun for dogs- I think they still have doggie happy hours, too.

    • The CVS on Mass ave is dog friendly for sure. It’s not a company wide thing I’m sure, but we go often.

  • Dogs are welcome inside Wonderland and on the patio.

  • Most stores (that do not serve food) are VERY dog friendly along 14th & U Streets

  • Non-service animals shouldn’t be allowed in stores. Period.

    • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand there it is. Didn’t take long for the NIMBYs to find this post.

    • I don’t see why not if they are well behaved

      • Scrillin

        Too subjective.

        • +1. I would also argue that dogs are only as well-behaved as the people who are minding them. I don’t want your dog licking my leg while you’re distracted talking to the waiter/salesperson about what you want to buy.
          Having said that I will generally not stick around a bar or shop if there are dogs hanging out. No biggie, I’ll just go elsewhere.

        • “Service animal” is also a pretty loose definition these days, what with all the people who need a “therapy dog” to cope with “anxiety”. And then insist that because they paid for this certification, that they be allowed to bring their purse dogs everywhere. Pet peeve of mine, no pun intended.

          • Scrillin

            I’m happy to report that “Therapy Dogs” are not counted as service dogs by the Government of the District of Columbia, and so are not required to be allowed in to any establishment, food or otherwise.

            DC has a narrow definition of service animal.

          • Did you really just put “anxiety” in quotation marks? Wow.

          • I doubt wdc is casting doubt on people who legitimately have anxiety. The problem is that there are rather dubious certification bodies that are happy to designate an animal as an “emotional support animal” in exchange for $$.

          • This post is the best laugh of my day – “therapy dogs” – evil children – “Anxiety” in quotes (and those offended by it) Dogs in Starbucks for community development (Does the RACE of the dog matter?)

      • I don’t care. I don’t want to be around them when I’m shopping/eating.

        • In that case, this post will turn into a list of places you don’t have to patronize. Move along, this is not a debate.

          • Scrillin

            More like a list of places violation DC Food Safety Regulations…

          • “More like a list of places violation DC Food Safety Regulations…”

            Not if they don’t serve food they’re not.

            If you don’t want to be around someone’s dog while you’re shopping, don’t shop anywhere that’s dog-friendly. Problem solved.

        • Well you sound like loads of fun!

          • This made me laugh! I’m really not that bad.

          • Scrillin

            Since when did dog people get so pushy?

          • Hmm Aren’t you the one putting “therapy dogs” in quotes like it’s not a real thing and making a mental list of establishments who are dog friendly and (in your opinion) violating DC food and safety regulations?

          • Last time this issue came up, it sounded as though DCRA was being inconsistent in how its employees interpreted the regulations — some DCRA inspectors were telling restaurants that they couldn’t allow dogs on their patios, and others seemed to have no problem.

          • “Since when did [x grouping of people] get so pushy [uppity, arrogant, demanding, etc.]” is such an historically loaded formulation – it’s kind of wince inducing.

          • Scrillin


            721891 Adopted Rule

            Wrong, sir, wrong! Under Section 16-3620 of
            the District of Columbia Municipal Regulations, Adopted Rule 721891 it states quite clearly that all live animals are barred from any establishment that serves food, excepting the narrow definition of a service animal.

            It’s all there, black and white, clear as crystal! You stole Fizzy Lifting Drinks. You bumped into the ceiling which now has to be washed and sterilized, so you get nothing! You lose! Good day, sir!

          • These are the two threads I was thinking of (about DCRA and inconsistent interpretations of the regulations) — from January 2015, regarding Three Fifty Bakery:
            1/2/15 –
            1/7/15 –
            And in regard to the OP’s query as to which places are dog-friendly: Not sure if all of this information is still current, but in March 2013, a guest poster named Adrian put together a list of dog-friendly places:

          • Scrillin

            Wrong, sir, wrong! Under Section 16-3620 of
            the District of Columbia Municipal Regulations, Adopted Rule 721891 it states quite clearly that all live animals are barred from any establishment that serves food, excepting the narrow definition of a service animal.

            It’s all there, black and white, clear as crystal! You stole Fizzy Lifting Drinks. You bumped into the ceiling which now has to be washed and sterilized, so you get nothing! You lose! Good day, sir!

          • What’s fun about having dogs around while you’re trying to shop? It’s not fun to have children around, but they can’t be left alone. Dogs can.

          • And “Since when did _______ get so _______?” isn’t “historically loaded” unless you’re talking about a historically oppressed group of people. I don’t think “dog people” belongs to that category.

          • Dogs > Children

          • textdoc, of course dog people aren’t an historically oppressed group. I wasn’t making any statement about whatever group might fill in the blank. I was pointing out that the formulation itself is indicative of an intolerant mindset. Why should I have to deal with this group that I don’t like, shouldn’t that keep to their place? It doesn’t matter what the group is; it’s the logic that is troubling. Obviously we have no right to make demands on the thoughts of others, but we can on public interaction, or non-interaction as the case may be. If one is bothered by something hovering somewhere below moral or felonious offence, it is the burden of the offended rather than the offensive object to make accommodation instead of making the world conform to his/her preference.

          • Scrillin

            “Well you sound like loads of fun!”

            Yeah, I’m the intolerant one.

            I guess I should’ve asked:

            Since when did this city turn into Portlandia?

        • You know that with the new bag laws, everyone bringing in their own reusable bags to grocery stores are infesting everything with cat and dog hair?

    • Talk about missing the point.

    • Yeah, I’m a huge dog lover but plenty of people have allergies and phobias. On the sidewalk, you can keep your distance ifrom them f you need/want to, but stores are too confined, especially in DC.

      • So don’t go in those stores. The decision should be up to the shopkeeper, not a picky patron.

        • justinbc

          No, it should be up to the government to look out for the safety of its citizens, rather than the convenience of one subset. And thankfully the government does regulate that.

          • How does having a dog in a hardware store endanger the safety of citizens? And, no the government does not regulate dogs in non-food serving establishments. And thank goodness for that.

      • People have allergies to soy, peanuts, cigarette smoke, dust, Libertarians and artificial dyes, too. Let’s ban it all.

      • I’m incredibly allergic to some perfumes. Is there a way we can pass laws banning people from wearing them? I mean everyone else should modify their behavior because it inconveniences me.

      • I would love to see facts of dog-related illness from France, where dogs are welcomed in most restaurants and cafes. There must be some stats somewhere?

        • epric002

          +1 most of western europe is much more dog friendly, including on public transportation.

        • There is a whole Instagram account devoted to the Cats of Amsterdam – cats are everywhere and people don’t seem to mind. The way everything gets so regulated here in the States is really frustrating. I believe it should be left up to the owner of an establishment, and if someone doesn’t want to drink/eat at a café that allows dogs, they should simply go somewhere else.

  • Chinatown Coffee is dog friendly!

  • anonymouse_dianne

    I see these lists all the time:

    Cantina Marina even hosts adoptions events for WARL as does Unleashed. Eggspectations in Silver Spring holds dog friendly events on their patio from time to time. I went to one on Halloween and it was a riot as most of the dogs were in costumes – two pugs as zombies and a giant black lab as Darth Vader.

  • I’d also extend this question to any outdoor bars that allow dogs where I can catch a game. I’ve been searching for a while.
    Last summer I called Biergartenhaus and asked if they allowed dogs. They said yes. I drove out there from NW, only to be kicked out by the manager after ordering a beer. Didn’t comp the beer, didn’t apologize for the misinformation I received over the phone.

  • Most of the 11th St restaurant patios are dog friendly – Wonderland, Room 11, RedRocks, Maple, the Coup, KBC. I don’t think Meridian Pint is, however, which is a bummer and keeps us from going there in the warm months.

    • Meridian Pint is (or was last year).

      • Good to know, Amber – it used to be that you couldn’t have the dog in the patio with you – they must be on the other side of the chain. Do you know if that still holds? I don’t recall seeing dogs inside the chain on the actual patio last year, but maybe missed it.

        • Mine (80lb. bulldog) has sat inside the fence without issue, but I know some places want them on the outside. Usually at least two other dogs there when I visit.

    • justinbc

      That keeps you from going? You couldn’t just leave your dog at home and go enjoy the place without it?

      • I enjoy going places without my dog. I enjoy going places with my dog even more. What’s the problem with that? Sorry I have a pleasant dog. Indeed, what would be the point of having a dog if I didn’t enjoy spending time with him?

      • Yes, that’s that they wrote.

      • Oh, hello troll. Way to misread something. If my goal is to find a patio where I can bring my dog and eat/have a drink, and an establishment that does not allow it is surrounded by other establishments that do, then, yes, it keeps me from going there. I never said anything along the lines of “I’ll never go there because they don’t allow dogs”.
        Which brings to this point: Why are you even on this thread? Just to be a troll? Do you have anything valuable to add other than statements like this? The whole purpose of the thread is dog-friendly places to eat/drink.

        • you don’t know justinbc very well, do you? He has to comment on every subject as if he’s an expert, whether he has any fricken idea what he’s talking about or not. He also loves to read posts in the most literal way possible and then criticize what the person said. It gets old, but he never seems to change. I often take long breaks from reading this blog just to avoid him.

          • anon, sadly, I do know all too well… and have done exactly what you have done – avoided reading posts all together just so I don’t have to see his arrogant posts! Hands down, least favorite Popville poster EVER. I hope he realizes how much he ruins it for many of us, and how troll-like he is, and how so few of us give a crap about what he has to say and his “expertise” in every. damn. subject.

          • justinbc

            You people crack me up. If what I have to say is really too much for you to process you could do this thing called not reading every post. My name has a convenient little icon next to it so you know to skip right over it. Just so you know, a troll is not someone who simply disagrees with you, and with regards to “expertise”, I own a dog, so, that’s pretty much the only requirement necessary on this subject.

        • Thanks Katie, not sure why people feel the need to post on a thread about dog friendly places just to be miserable human beings.

  • Dascha allows dogs, but personally I would only take them when it wasn’t super crowded, as it can get really tight.

    So I suppose that eliminates most times.

    • It’s too difficult to bring a dog there nowadays during peak hours. There simply isn’t enough room for a dog to be comfortable (aside from a tiny lap dog that will stay on your lap). I’ve seen multiple dogs have their tails stepped upon, dogs freak out at humans/other dogs, etc.
      That said, if you go to Dacha on an early weeknight (say Tuesday at 730pm) you should be OK and have plenty of space.

    • Yeah, most dogs in crowded bars/patios aren’t actually having a good time. Some dogs are fine with it, but many are really stressed. And many owners have no clue.

  • Hi! I’m Tommy and I’m one of the managers of Stetsons at 1610 U street NW DC. We have our Puppy Patio Mondays where anyone can bring their canine pals to our outside garden patio out back. Just let someone on staff know that you’re here with your dog(s) and we’ll let you in through the back entrance to the patio. We provide treats and water dishes for your pups and drinks, beer and half price burgers (among other happy hour specials) for you and your humans. Come check us out. We love the doggies!!

  • jim_ed

    The employees at Upshur St Books said we could bring our dog inside when we shop instead of one of us staying outside with him. Don’t know if its the store’s policy or just the person working that day, but worth a shot.

  • Oh, and Mr. Yogato. Once we were sitting outside with our fro-yo (my husband and I had taken turns) when an employee saw us and invited us in.

    • I can confirm this. The coffee place there in the mornings also used to let me take my dog inside.

    • def yogato. Our dog looooooves that place. She answers the question, “do dogs get brain freeze” by eating her yogurt in 3 seconds.

  • I wrote this list to a friend who moved into the Logan Circle area recently, so it’s rather concentrated information but might be helpful. This isn’t exhaustive and just represents my personal experiences…

    – Le Diplomat is great for sitting at the two tops outside along the side on 14th with your pup at your feet.
    – The Drafting Table, Posto, Tortilla Coast, Policy, Lupo Verde, Commissary and Logan Tavern are all cool with you having your dog at your feet. Also places that have open seating to the sidewalk – Cork, Bar Pilar etc.
    – Dacha beer garden at 7 & Q is also fine with dogs inside – great place in warm weather, but can get crowded.
    – Logan Hardware and Batch 13 (liquor store on 14th) is fine with dogs inside and gives them a massive treat

  • Bardo is very dog friendly. They even have their own Bardog.

  • As for the OP’s query as to which places are dog-friendly: Not sure if all of this information is still current, but in March 2013, a guest poster named Adrian put together a list of dog-friendly places:

  • Unfortunately Garden District/Hipster Jail does not allow dogs. Was told that when me and the pooch went by last week. Sad that he’s not welcome at a completely outdoor venue that only serves donuts and beer and I hope they change that policy. But on the positive side we’ve been welcomed at St. Ex, Bar Pilar, Compass Rose, Blind Dog Cafe, Lupo Verde, Pearl Dive, DC Reynolds, Looking Glass Lounge, Dacha, and the back patio of Dodge City.

    • To be fair, they do serve hot food, too.

      • Fair enough they do also have Pulled Pork Sandwiches and Brisket. Just bummed that is on the route of our daily walk to not be able to stop off there and have a beer on the way home without having to drop the dog off first.

  • On 14th St, Ace Hardware, Bob & Mitchell Furniture, and Lou Lou are all pet friendly! I’ve heard West Elm is too, but haven’t tried. Brought my dog on the Le Diplomate patio and the servers were awesome, brought him water and played with him a bit. Groovy Card Shop in Eastern Market also welcomes pets 🙂

    • Last time I was in West Elm on 14th there were several dogs (with owners) there.

    • In that area – Home Rule, Good Wood, Millennium Decorative Arts, Lululemon, Redeem, Simon Vintage and TD Bank allow dogs. Good Wood and Lululemon have dog treats too so, along with Logan Hardware, MItchell & Bob, and CityPaws you can do a whole neighborhood cookie walk like my dog always wants to do.

      When they were in the neighborhood, Hunted House and Foundry were dog friendly. I believe they’re both over by H Street NE now and I’d guess are still dog friendly.

  • justinbc

    I believe that all of the Kimpton Hotels are dog friendly, and many of them host dog happy hours.

  • A second to DC Reynolds. We had a great brunch last Spring where my kids got to play with a lovely pit bull in the garden. Maybe the key to the whole kids vs pets debate is just to combine them?!

  • Beau Thai, The Heights, and Lou’s all have dog-friendly patios. At least they did last summer.

  • Are there restaurants that don’t permit dogs on patios? That never would have occurred to me (not a dog owner).

    • There are. There are restaurant owners that have been told by DOH that dogs aren’t allowed on patios at all. In fairness, there are restaurant owners who have been told by DOH that dogs are allowed on patios, too. Really, enforcement landscape appears to be a mess right now. But since the plain language of the regulation banning animals includes land under the control of a licensee that is adjacent to licensed premises (i.e. a patio next to the interior portion of a restaurant) and the exceptions that people kept on citing in previous threads don’t apply to family pets, it’s probably in dog owners’ best interest to leave things as they are: restaurants that allow them quietly continue to do so, those that don’t aren’t publicly berated by dog owners, and no one seeks clarification from DOH. If DOH is asked to weigh in publicly, who knows which way they’ll go?

    • I’ve been to a few places where they make your dog sit outside of the fence of the patio. The ones I can think of are Lalibela at 14th and P and Rosemary’s Thyme at 18th and S.

  • In Italy i believe a dog can own a restaurant.

  • Fairmont Hotel’s luxurious lobby for drinks or coffee. They bring pups home made dog biscuits and water bowls without asking. Coffee better and less expensive than Starbucks.

  • That One Guy

    I’ve walked in to Apple stores with my dog.

  • Wonderland Ballroom on 11th allows dogs INSIDE as well! 🙂

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