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  • It seems crazy to me that what seems like a good building in what is one of the hottest locations in the city would go vacant. I wonder what the backstory is.

  • This just means the owner didn’t grease the right palms at the Wilson building. There are commercial buildings all over the city (I’m looking at you, SE corner of 7th and Q NW) that have been vacant for years and that have somehow defied all attempts by neighbors and ANC reps to get them classified as such.

    • “(I’m looking at you, SE corner of 7th and Q NW)” hear, hear. The roof of the building is collapsing and they never shovel the sidewalk. This place is the pits. I keep hearing that a Sandoval Mexican restaurant is supposed to go in there, but they’d need to do some major demo to make it usable and I see no evidence of that yet.

  • Likely not going to be a new bar/restaurant. I had heard that it will be occupied by a real estate company, McEnearney I believe

  • This Gare character has tagged just about everything in this part of town. Does anybody here know Gare?

  • I’ve been seeing a lot more of the vacant property signs on building lately particularly in Parkview/columbia heights/petworth. The city must be making a push for more revenue. I think its a good thing.

    • +1 — especially if it encourages lackadaisical property owners to clean up their properties and get tenants. Or sell.

    • Me too. The few in my neighborhood are decrepit properties that were bought by developers and just left to let nature finish the demo job. I don’t know how it makes sense for the developers, but I’m glad to see the city light a fire under them.

  • as long as that beer garden doesn’t expand next door I’ll be cool. Would be neat to have a local shop in there.

  • I don’t understand commercial real estate. How was it sensible for this landlord to jack up the rent on Pulp until they left, and then leave the building vacant for 1.5 years? Miss Pulp.

    • Makes me think of the old DCCD space in Adams Morgan. Vacant for what, 10+ years now??

      • looks like the long time owners of this property are the same owners of Dupont Italian Kitchen & the ill-fated Diego. The might have their hands full at the moment.

    • I’m guessing these developers aren’t too concerned about making their own mortgage payments and are just waiting to cash out H-U-G-E somewhere down the line. (Douglas Development has been notorious for doing this with many of their properties.)

  • I Dont Get It

    I miss Pulp!

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