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  • Nothing against Washington Fine Properties, but yuck! 🙁

  • Didn’t the old hardware store become real estate too?

  • maxwell smart

    It starts with real estate offices and slowly descends to nail salons, dry cleaners and pawn shops. And so starts the beginning of the end of 14th street.

  • WFP is awesome, Anne Savage and Nate Guggenheim are so fantastic to work with!

  • How many real estate offices are there in the Logan Circle area? Seems like there are quite a few. I guess we should just be happy that it’s not another thai, italian or small plates restaurant?

    • I don’t know about you, but I see myself frequenting a potential “thai, italian or small plates restaurant” much more than a RE office.

  • Seriously?! Exactly How many storefront real estate agencies does one community need in a 3 block stretch? We currently have 5 and if my source is correct another one is coming to the new construction at 14th and Corcoran. Can someone please explain to me why a real estate agency needs (prime) store front? Do people actually walk down the street and say “Oh! Look! A real estate agency…I think I’ll go in and buy a house!”? What a poor use of valuable property in this neighbor’s opinion.

    Long & Foster
    TTR Sotheby’s
    Washington Fine Properties

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