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  • Can someone who does Flywheel/Soul Cycle/etc. explain how they are different than regular spinning classes (at a gym)? Are they really worth the extra money?

    • Hard to answer this — it really depends on what gym you’re going to, what kind of cycling equipment they have and what the trainer is like. Also, do you just want to do hills, or do weights etc.

    • I have taken cycling classes at Vida, Mint, and Soul Cycle. In my opinion, are the classes worth the extra money? No. They are great classes, absolutely. But if you belong to a nice gym with cycling classes, you will be able to find some instructors you like. With both Vida and Mint, there are some instructors I loved, and others I did not, and I just took classes with the people I liked. I also am not crazy enough about spin classes for them to be my only cardio, so I would never want to take more than two or three classes a week. But at $30 a pop, three classes at Soul Cycle in one week costs what I paid for one full month for all of the services at Vida. No argument that the classes at Soul Cycle are great – but I don’t think they are so much better that they justify that price tag. But people like to pay for exclusivity, so there it is. Just my two cents!

    • Quite simply, they’re all cults.
      Did you see the episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt?!

    • I think that they are worth the extra money. The experience/quality of instructors/ quality of bikes is far superior in a studio that specializes in spin. Then add the Ride DC/Flywheel element of tracking your stats on a board throughout class. SoulCycle is a cult, but a cult that I love. My favorite place in the city is Biker:barre though because they give you cold towels at the end- as one of the cheapest studios in the city, they should all be doing that!

      • At least some of the instructors at Sports Club/LA (now Equinox) gave out the cold towels when I was a member there. Such a nice touch. Agree it should be more common.

  • Years ago that space was a great bar called Visions. I miss that place.

    • Visions wasn’t just a bar; it was a movie theater too. I miss it (principally the movie-theater part).

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