Fluffy Dirty Pup found at 2nd and Hawaii Ave, NE – Update Owners Found!


“We found this little dog this morning in the road at the intersection of 2nd and Hawaii NE. Too fluffy to see gender 🙂

We’ve taken the pup to the animal rescue on New York Ave.”

Washington Human Society is located at 1201 New York Avenue, NE. 202-576-6664

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  • S/he looks like a little Ewok! I hope that his family finds him, thank you for taking him in.

    • Could be wrong about this, but given the lack of long- term grooming, it might be better that his or her “family” doesn’t get him or her back. I suspect this poor thing was neglected long before he was abandoned or got out.

      • Oh please. My dogs get like that sometimes– fur grows fast!– and they are hardly neglected.

      • Give me a break! Self righteous much? I take my pooch to the groomers every four months and he could get too fluffy towards the end. Who knows how long this little one was out in the streets collecting dirt on his fluffy self.

  • “Too fluffy to see gender!”

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