Minor Fire in Upstairs Offices above Fado in Chinatown

806 7th Street, NW

Update 10am: No damage to Fado – opening today on time!

A reader reports just after 9:30am:

“Just walked by to see three fire trucks pull up and firemen running in with the hose. No visible smoke from outside.”

Update: A reader notes this could be the offices upstairs as Fado’s door is the left of this photo.

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  • My bf is working at Fado today. Apparently the fire was in the offices above the pub. Fire department got there when bf did at 9:30. No one is hurt and everyone got out safely!

  • Amanda, that sounds scary! You ever going to marry that Eh?!?

  • I haven’t set foot in there in more than ten years, but for a chain, Fado seems to be going strong. How is it these days?

    • Fantastic. I hosted my pre-wedding Happy Hour there. They blocked off a part of the bar and we had excellent, attentive service.

  • Sorry this happened at Fado but glad everyone is safe.

  • Amanda – So excited you and Meh are finally making it official. So, judging from this article and the comments, you are having the nuptials at Fado? Amazing!!! Petworth Pal sounds like a gent that should perform the ceremony, maybe the Growler can be the ring girl

    • This really is turning out to be a magnificent event!! Imagine a little fire started all of this! Hopefully everybody on this thread will get an invite!
      Congrats Amanda and Eh!

  • I have inside information that EH finished his sidework just in time today before changing the lightbulbs in both the pub and on his bike. He had long chat with his buddy Norm and plans on going for a long ride this weekend. Still no plans for nuptials with Amanda. If I hear more I will report back to POP. Did I mention his bike?

  • According to sources close to the pub, Amanda is reconsidering her feelings for Meh. Apparently, there is a newly balded Irish bartender who has caught her baldy headed loving eyes. Say it isn’t so!! Stay tuned for more details as they emerge.

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