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  • This is insane:

    64 W ST NW

    Sold for $353,000 over asking (although I’m sure it was priced for a bidding war)! This property needed a COMPLETE gut job, it was a total mess, look at the pics if they are still online. This is almost as much as very recent comps on the block that were completely renovated. Holy crap, that was one serious developer bidding war! I guess this block is going to see a 3 condo unit pop up/back, that’s probably the only way they will make this profitable enough 🙁

    • Sadly, I’m sure that’s exactly what’s going to happen. The backyards on that block (both V & W sides) are deep. 67 V St (formerly a GDON) which was in absolutely livable condition, just maybe needed a few updates, went for $805,000 to a developer who is planning to popup and back. I have a feeling there are real estate agents (who shall remain nameless) that are marketing these properties that way to developers.

      • Oh, looking at the listing for 64 W it was absolutely marketed towards developers. Cash offers, bids need to be in 3 days after the open house, etc. Interesting that 64 W and 67 V will be popped up and back together. If they build back to the allowable lot line those neighbors will have very clear, close up views into each others’ units …

        • Accountering

          Wouldn’t they just put up blinds, like anyone else does who has other peoples windows in relatively close proximity to their windows?

    • I saw that too. I wonder if the imminent threat of down-zoning has driven up demand in the short term. Developers that get their permits in before the deadline won’t have near as much competition once their condos go on the market.

  • Yeah. This makes me sad. You can call me a NIMBY, but I hate that Bloomingdale’s iconic turrets are getting destroyed. I wish there were some requirement that if you are going to pop up, you must set the popup back here, or something…

    • Agreed. We “popped up” our house in Ledroit Park last year but because we’re in the historic district we had to start the ‘raised roof’ portion back about 8 feet from the front and we sloped it so it’s not visible from the side. Cost a lot more but the benefit of having our row of houses not ruined by pop-ups is totally worth it.

      Although, if developers would stop using vinyl siding, vinyl windows, or asphalt shingles on pop-ups I’d have much less of a problem with them.

    • justinbc

      There are requirements, they’re called Historic Preservation Boards/Societies/etc, which theoretically regulate changes (although we all know there are ways to get around them).

  • 20032 has some nice sales prices. Wow. EOTR is appreciating rapidly it appears, from also a cursory look at 20019 and 20020.

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