Favorite Friday Fish Fry?

701 H Street, NE

“Dear PoPville,

What is the best place in DC to buy fish/seafood on Fridays during Lent?

Would be great to learn of some spots around DC for a classic fish fry – the kind where sandwiches come wrapped in foil with cups of cole slaw.”

Lent goes until April 5, so the last Friday of Lent is April 3. We had some recs back in 2011 and 2009 but time for a refresh!

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  • Blithe

    Horace and Dickies.

  • Star & Shamrock at 1341 H st. NE http://www.starandshamrock.com
    Serves up fresh, homemade fried cod with hand cut
    chips every Friday begining at 11am

  • Where else, but the Dubliner, and you have to throw in a couple of Black & Tans to wash down the chips.

  • justinbc

    I don’t know anything about Lent or specific Friday options, but I really liked the fried fish at the S & G Seafood House (typical carryout) up in Edgewood / Brookland. Horace & Dickies is classic too but I preferred the quality at S & G. There’s always great stuff @ Tony’s Breakfast too (the real one, not the impostor).

  • Fish in the Hood and District Fishwife both have really good fried fish.

    • +1,000,000!

      There is a church in Chinatown (I think 8th and I) that has fish fry every Friday as well. Not seasoned very well but some people are into that.

      • Thanks for the heads up on the church in Chinatown – that’s what I’m looking for! Almost every church and VFW in my home town has one on a Friday.

        • +1 – Thanks for asking this question! They’re everywhere in my heavily-Catholic Midwestern hometown, but I hadn’t even considered there might be one right in my neighborhood!

      • Blithe

        Is this Saint’s Paradise?

      • Sadly, after perusing many church web sites and Sunday bulletins, I can find no trace of a fish fry in Chinatown of the kind OP and I have in mind.
        I did learn that Greater New Hope Baptist at 8th and I serves a soul food lunch Weds-Fri (or at least they used to according to Yelp – reviews are from 2012 and their website is down, so I can’t confirm that’s current).

    • justinbc

      I liked my fried fish from Fishwife too, but I hated the fact they make their own ketchup (which is kinda gross) for the fries and charge you extra for it.

  • When I want old-time fried fish, I go to Crisfield Seafood right across the line in Silver Spring on Georgia Ave. Their sides are good, too.

  • Fishnet has good fish if you are looking for something not fried, tasty and priced alright. They also have an interesting second happy hour at maybe 9-10…if that’s allowed during lent…

  • It has been a while since I’ve been, but I liked the fish options at Oohs and Aahs on U St.

    I’d also recommend the Tuna sub at Bub and Pops. I know that wasn’t specifically what the OP asked about, but I’ll take any opportunity to talk up that place.

  • Fish in da hood

  • I had a fish sandwich from tiki seafood on 7th and q the other day. Freshly fried and delicious. Ask for the tartar sauce with it instead of mayonnaise.

    • How is Tiki? They keep weird hours, IIRC. Most of the time its closed and I haven’t been hungry the few times I’ve seen them open. Looks good, though!

  • For me, the list begins and ends with Fish In The Hood. That’s some bangin fish right there.

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