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  • I love the way the 5 and the 2 pair.

  • The gold numbers on my house are long gone and I’ve been thinking of having them repainted. How does it work? Do people hire painters? Are they stenceled? Maybe they just have peel on gold numbers somewhere? Any thoughts recommendations? Thanks!

    • These would be gold leaf and would have been hand drawn then leafed originally. Maybe a decorative painter would be able to do this? Otherwise I would check Etsy.

      • I only know this because an old GF of mine was an art student but…

        Gold leafing is super-insanely easy. You need two things – gold leaf and ninhydrin. Both can be had at good art supply stores (and probably over the intertubes). you can get the ninhydrin in a spray can (like spray paint). Be sure to use an organics respirator as ninhydrin causes cancer and other bad things.

        Clean the surface you want to gold leaf. Lightly spray it with ninhydrin and then lay the gold leaf on the surface. Use a paint brush & roller to flatten it out. That’s all there is.

        If you want to do numbers (or other shapes), mask the area, spray the ninhydrin, remove mask and then apply gold leaf – you can easily remove the “excess” gold leaf because it won’t stick to areas without ninhydrin.

        • Totally true! But that depends on getting the mask area you want, and it can be tricky – especially working backwards, as you’d have to in glass (you want to paint the number on the inside of the glass so it’s protected from the elements). maybe find a computer font you love, reverse the numbers, and tape it to the other side of the glass so you can trace? And definitely practice first. It’s an easy process, but can be tough to get flawless results.

  • beautiful! I love the fantastic fonts feature.

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