Even More CityCenter News – Centrolina, Louis Vuitton and Caudalie


It’s hard to keep up – fortunately you guys are good! Today a reader reports:

Centrolina has posted Job hiring info

[“Centrolina, the first solo project from Chef Amy Brandwein, will be an Italian market and restaurant set in Washington’s new CityCenterDC development. The market will offer a selection of imported Italian specialty items along with meat, fish, and produce from local farms, a selection of house-made items including handmade pasta and sauces, and a barista-serviced coffee program. The restaurant will showcase a seasonal, frequently-rotating menu of regional Italian dishes for lunch and dinner daily.”]


Louis Vuitton has postage signage with a Spring 2015 Open Date


Caudalie [French skincare company] is rumored to open today, they had their awning and signage put up.”

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  • Caudalie has really nice products that are in the same price range as the usual Sephora fare. The “beauty elixir” face mist is one of my favorite skin care items, especially when it’s super hot in the summer.

    • Thing is, if I’m going to buy that product, I’ll go to Sephora because…sephora rewards program. That said, this place will have a spa. So that might be the bigger draw. Prices online for spa treatments seem totally reasonable compared to other places in DC

      • Ooh I missed the spa part of this. I bet I’d love that, especially if the offerings are competitively priced. Their products are a lot less synthetic than most and smell wonderful.

      • There isn’t a Sephora anywhere near this neighborhood. I’m thrilled to have this option.

  • Three pieces of good news, in my opinion. (1) Y’all want your Eataly, this sounds like a baby version. (2) Say what you want about some of the other retailers, but think about how many Neverfulls you see every day in DC. A good number. Now we won’t have to trek to Tyson’s to get them! (3) Not familiar with this brand but will check it out. Does not look outrageously expensive.

  • So I assume if Centrolina is coming Eataly is not? Seems like too similar of a concept for both to be in the same place.

    • Eataly is going to Capital Crossing, the project which is being built on the new deck over 395.

    • My understanding is that Eataly is MUCH larger in scope, so I doubt that Centrolina precludes Eataly from moving in.

      • I’ve only been to the Chicago Eataly, but it was easily bigger than most Whole Foods. If you’ve never been, it’s really astounding. This seems a lot more intimate, perhaps an Italian version of Red Apron crossed with Glen’s.

  • It is my hope that Centrolina will end up being (if executed well) preferable to Eataly. It will (from what I gather) have a market component with butcher, bakery, fresh pasta, fresh seafood, cheese shop – exactly what is so cool about Eataly. However, instead of a celebrity chef from New York, this will be run, at a smaller scale, but a local chef. That sounds like a win win to me. Eataly at a local scale.

    • Hoping the same. Eataly feels like Disney World for Italian food…

    • I like this comment and hope this ends up being the case. I like Eataly — the NYC location more than the Chicago one — but am not a huge fan of their giant scale. Smaller and local could be substantially better.

  • This is so exciting – i love Caudalie! Their products are basically spa quality, natural and organic – and extremely effective. Sephora has its own reward programs when you buy from there, but Caudalie also runs frequent promotions and giveaways if you buy directly from them, so you definitely won’t lose out by buying directly at their store. I wonder if they will add any spa services at this location- there is a Caudalie spa in NYC.

  • hooville

    I used to love Caudalie, but then when travelling frequently to Paris came to discover that it’s more like low/mid range drugstore fodder over there, I stopped seeing the appeal of paying $$ for it here.

  • Excited here about Centrolina!

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