Dos Gringos Ordered Closed for Food Violation, Will Reopen Tomorrow


A reader reports:

“Tried to go get some food from Dos Gringos last night. Greeted with what you see in the pic on the door. I called this morning and she said they’ll be open tomorrow.”

Ed. Note: These food violation closures usually last only a few days.

3116 Mount Pleasant Street, NW

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  • Just another reason to avoid this dump. Could be decent, instead, it just sucks. Including those ugly dead plants and run-down outdoor furniture.

  • As a Mt. P resident I really wish this was a place I wanted to go to. Unfortunately it’s at best “meh”…oh and now this.

  • I’ve never eaten there, but remember that restaurants can be cited for things like failure to have hot water, a bathroom trash can with no cover, no certified food manager on the premises.

    • Cited, yes, but closure for more than a day indicates violations more serious than the examples you mention.

  • I can’t seem to find the report, but if it’s a closure, then usually it’s fairly major. That being said, you name the restaurant, it’s probably had a number of food violations, likely “critical”. Just check the reports.

  • I agree with all the comments that this place is never as good as I want it to be, but man, of all the places in Mt. P to get shut for health code violations, this is *not* the one I would have guessed.

  • I like Dos Gringos. It’s kind of laid back and not corporate feeling — I also like the lack of cell phone use and laptops which is found elsewhere in Mt P so I can relax and not feel like I am in an office. The food is fresh and reliable. The veggie chili is great, and the cilantro egg burrito.

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