Dog Found in Mt. Pleasant


“Found a dog on Hobart St NW in Mt Pleasant. No leash or collar. Female. We called the humane society and the recording said to call dc animal control.”

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  • Could be wrong, but this looks like the dog I saw on posters all over NW in the late fall (I remember one in particular at Starbucks on New Mexico by American U). The owner explained an incredible effort to find the dog (including scent tracking w/ other dogs) but to no avail. Hopefully they will see this or Animal Control will have a record. If I can, I’ll stop by the Starbucks to see if the poster is still there.

  • No, that dog was a male. Havoc. This dog is female.

  • Becks

    That is one good looking doggie! If I could have dogs (no dogs allowed in my apartment) and no one claimed her, I would love to adopt her!

  • epric002

    so is the dog at the humane society?

  • Late to this but she looks a lot like the sweet, calm dog who sometimes sits outside at NH Ave & Rock Creek Church Rd NW. She just chills on the steps watching the world go by. I hope she finds her people!

  • Posted to Lucky Dog Animal Rescue — they might have someone who recognizes her!

  • OP here…When DC animal rescue came, they said she had a chip, so I’m sure she’s home and safe by now! She was such a sweetheart and so well-behaved.

    • epric002

      thanks OP. so i’m assuming animal control took her? i’d like to post to the lost & found dogs fb page, but just have to know where she is. sometimes the chips aren’t registered so she may not have been reunited with her people yet.

  • She is home safely. .we have been doing a lot of diy rehab work on house and she slipped out the garage..she was found 200 yards from our house..she’s super friendly and had a wonderful adventure..thanks for all the compliments. ..highest bidder is still available.

    • Felipe. She was a great dog and well trained she sat with us and relaxed while we waited for her to be picked up! She was quite the lady of Hobart street that afternoon. Glad you got her home safe and sound.

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