Checking in on ‘Holm’ coming to 11th and Rhode Island Ave, NW

11th and Rhode Island Ave, NW

Been a while since we checked in on the Holm:

“A collection of 38 new luxury apartments are coming to the vibrant Logan Circle neighborhood. Located just east of the booming 14th street corridor, the residences at HOLM are perfectly situated among all that city life has to offer.”



Previously Diamond Cab:


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  • Glad to see that lot developed. Not sure I understand the name.

    • so you can tell your friends… “I think I’m gonna head Holm.” or “Sure is great to be Holm after this work trip” or “My Holm is shiny and new with an open floor plan”…..

      • Are the residents of the Holm called Holmes? See your neighbor in the hallway and you can be like “hey holmes whats up”

  • Prince — any scuttlebutt about retail here or about the build-out on the southeast corner of 11th and O? Any plans for the laundromat across the street from here? Seems to me like this stretch of 11th street is primed to pickup.

    • I have no inside knowledge here, but I do bike by the site everyday so I’ve been keeping an eye on the work. Based on the construction layout I would place a strong bet on there being very little to no first floor retail in this building.

      • One of the photos on their website seems to suggest some outdoor cafe-like seating along RI Ave. Perhaps that rendering is outdated, though.

      • Not sure why you think that. There are large (16-20 based on eyeballing it) ceilings on the first floor corner and the Rhode Island Ave side. You build high ceilings like that for future retail not for residences.

        • Are you referring to the rendering? The finished building looks nothing like that and does not have 16-20 ft ceilings. The floor of the level of visible first row of windows above is actually about 5-6 ft above street level. There is a partially below grade level with windows below that. I could be wrong but the below grade level looks like more condos, not retail. It definitely does not appear set up to have a cafe in the picture. I guess that could change as they finish though?

          • The retail is on Rhode Island Ave, not 11th, and it’s clearly in the plans and construction so far. I’m asking if anyone knows who’s going in there. The retail space definitely exists.

  • So far so good. Go density go!

  • The architecture is just ho-holm.

  • The Holm was originally slated to go condo. In fact they’d already sold about a third of the units before the developer decided to go the apartment route. They had to cancel all the contract they already had. (I know this because I was •this• close to submitting a contract myself on a unit when the sales manager told me.) And, yes, the plan all along was for retail to go on the first floor of the Rhode Island side. I wouldn’t think changing from condos to apartments would have any affect on this, but I’m not sure.

  • My concern with living in one of these buildings is noise from above and to the side due to the type of construction. Someone posted good information on the types of construction and cost etc…on here really breaking it down. I need concrete floors / plaster walls whatever or I would never get a nights rest.

    Anybody have experience in any of these new places around town? The new buildings 14th and U above TJs?Or the new building 9th and U? How is the noise?

    • many of the new buildings on 14th are concrete construction, including the one above tj’s. however, there’s still a lot of wood frame construction going in around town. i’m amazed people are paying $700K for such cheap construction. i think they get blinded by the hardwood and stainless steel, but don’t worry about the actual fundamentals of the building. DC should really require concrete construction for multi-family properties above a certain size.

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