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  • Tsar of Truxton

    I checked it out a few weeks ago. It was pretty solid for a quick lunch joint. Comparable to Merzi (in quality, not the type of food offered) or something along those lines.

  • This place keeps getting weirder

  • Storing the cushions in the front window? Not very attractive to the eye.

  • The signage reminds me of a video game logo from the 90s, and that metallic sign above the door is horrendous. Kind of reminds me of Jersey City or Bay Ridge – so maybe guidos? I don’t understand how businesses like this are able to obtain capital.

  • Honestly, If this place had any more little chinsy shit all over the place, I’d think that it was a Lisa Frank/Kardashian collaboration. The food is decent, but the inside itself is a total turn off. Are you a space ship? Are you an indian restaurant? Are you a 24-hour newsroom? Are you the latest club?

  • How are you supposed to socialize with anyone while sitting in one of those things?

  • The food here is actually really terrific. It was way better than I expected. The decor isn’t what I would have chosen if it were my spot, but it doesn’t matter with food this good. And there was no techno music thumping when I was there on a Sunday afternoon. I’d recommend this place to anyone.

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