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  • Is that a white range rover? I ask because there is a white range rover frequently in this area between Petworth and Howard that is an absolute scourge to all other road users with excessive speed and road rage issues.

  • The burnt out car was feeling lonely… But seriously, are stats kept on burnt/flipped cars? I feel like I hear about them once a month.

  • Anyone know if it has Maryland plates?

    • I came here specifically to see if anyone else had mentioned Maryland plates. Good. My work here is done.

      *walks into plate glass window; side-steps and walks out the door*

  • This car flipped right across the street from my house. It was very loud– woke my dog up. It sounded like someone had knocked down 50 trash cans at once.

    There is still a great deal of debris on the side of the road including the front bumper. Does anyone know who to contact to get this cleaned up?!

  • It’s a minivan, I drive by the accident scene last night. Didn’t see if they were MD tags… Gods of Speed Cameras, if you’re listening, please put them at Irving and or Kenyon as they cross Park Place. People blast through on those roads way too fast. This is a result.

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