Brookland’s Finest & Sloppy Mama’s BBQ Collaboration this Week

12th and Jackson Street, NE

From an email:

“Sloppy Mama’s will be providing delicious smoked meats along with wonderful menu options from our Chef Shannan. The menu will be available all week,starting Monday.”

See the full menu: BF/Sloppy Mamas Menu (PDF)

and if you’ve no plans tonight – check out the DC Brau paired dinner menu tonight:

BF DC Brau Menu (PDF)

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  • justinbc

    $14 pulled pork sandwich, wow.

  • wanted to love this place so bad but, as Justin points out, the prices are really high. also the music was incredibly loud at brunch

  • Their prices are a bit on the high end yes, but the quality, portions, and service more than back it up. All of you message-board trolls without an original thought or opinion should best avoid going there so us folks in the neighborhood can enjoy ourselves without your negativity.

    • +1 Completely agree, excellent portions, typical price for any new establishment, great food, great service.

    • Yeah, I’m not sure that most people have a very good idea of much a good sandwich “should” cost in a city like D.C. Especially at a new place since they’re charging more in rent, and ESPECIALLY given the crap this place had to go through to get a liquor license. Add up rising rent, staffing costs, and crazy food prices (especially meat) compared to a few years go, and it really doesn’t seem that crazy to me.
      The good news is, if I want a $7 sandwich there are options for that as well. They generally do not taste good and may involve shoe rubber in the bun, or despicable labor practices. But that’s what $6 buys you these days.

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