Korean Fried Chicken King, Bonchon, opens in Navy Yard Monday!!

bonchon_navy_yard_opening Monday
1015 Half Street, SE via Bonchon Facebook

From an email:

“It’s time, Bonchon is officially opening on Monday, March 30th, right in D.C.’s Navy Yard. Designed by award-winning firm GrizForm Design Architects, the space has a dining area that seats 65, a 90-seat lounge area, and an outdoor patio for warmer weather days. A large bar and spacious dining area will allow guests to sit back, relax and enjoy some baseball as they chow down on Bonchon’s signature Korean fried chicken (Bonchon will be just three blocks away from Nationals Park).”

Check out Bonchon’s menu here.


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  • I desperately want them to add a fake meat option smothered in those delicious sauces. Please please please, Bonchon gods, please cover some soy in your deliciousness!

    • Why can’t you just toss veggies in the sauce? I just don’t understand the appeal of food that looks like other food.

      • justinbc

        Reminds me of the moronic DCist “best fried chicken” list that was just released featuring 2 vegan places. It’s not chicken, it’s soy-bean-pea-sprout mix, just make a separate list for that stuff.

        • That was actually a really good list. So sorry you did not like it.

          • justinbc

            Aside from the TWO VEGAN recommendations on a fried CHICKEN list, they also included the outdated Hitching Post, which is a sad shell of the former restaurant, with all character stripped away, and chicken that’s nowhere near as good as the previous owners made it (and even then, most people only went for the large portions, because the actual chicken was only average).

        • I also question the inclusion of GBD on that list. I love the concept of that place, but the chicken is just ok. My office is directly across the street and a rarely go.
          Boss Shepherd’s on the other hand totally should get top billing. Amazing fried chicken there.

          • justinbc

            GBD was great when it first launched, but I agree the quality has been rather disappointing every time I’ve been back recently. I think after Tiffany and Kyle stopped checking in on the quality control aspect there they began to slip. Now that she’s left completely the donuts have fallen in quality too.

      • People who don’t eat meat can miss the texture/flavor/mouth-feel of meat. Veggies are delicious but aren’t a substitute.

        • Also, I eat meat and am a huge fan of Bonchon.

        • You know what that’s called? A sign that we were engineered to eat meat 😀

        • justinbc

          I’ve tried several of these substitutes and they really don’t provide the “texture/flavor/mouth-feel of meat” though.

          • I generally agree. With the exception of the drumettes at Evolve in Takoma, which if the “meat” wasn’t formed around little wooden dowels, would nearly convince me it was real.
            I think that a lot of vegans just take what they can get. Fake meat technology is also improving quite quickly.

      • You can, but they don’t taste like chicken.

    • You could always get the tofu friend chicken from Woodlands, then the sauce from here. 🙂

  • Yeeeesss. I love Bon Chon so much. It’s a good thing neither metro accessible location is that near me though or I would need to be rolled around the city…

  • justinbc

    So many fatty temptations by my gym, urgghhhh! KoChix is easy enough to resist because it’s somewhat of a pain to get to, but this will be so much easier I can’t see myself being able to fight it…especially after beers at Bluejacket.

  • I really hope they deliver….late.

  • This makes me so very happy.

  • Welp, there goes my spring diet.


  • Is Bonchon or Kochix better?

  • This makes me soooo happy. My office is moving into that building at the end of May.

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