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  • Interesting. I wonder if this means they’re now planning to stay put on U Street, or whether they’re thinking that they’ll be at the U Street location for two years and then move back to Adams Morgan.

  • What kind of renovations are they doing that take more than two years??

  • So it sounds like no one is gonna get jerked, again?

  • We were so sad to hear New Orleans was closing. We haven’t had a chance to go much since our son was born, but We’ll miss him being a block away. We wish Bardia the best of luck and can’t wait to get his hot beignets again.

  • I wish him well in the new location. A very nice hard working man and a long time positive Adams Morgan business owner. Really nice–not fancy–New Orleans neighborhood place. I hope he has a slightly bigger kitchen with which to work.

  • I loved his old location. It had a certain something about it, but it was really the personal touch that made it special. Here is to visiting him at his new location!

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