Avenue Jack, “Stuff for Guys”, Soft Opening Mid April in South Dupont


Thanks to @OhBootsy (and others) for tweeting us the new coming soon signage for Avenue Jack at 1301 Connecticut Avenue, NW in the former Copenhaver space next to Starbucks. Their website says:

“We’re long time Washington, DC residents. We’re active in the community. And we love clothes. It’s as simple as that.

After years of working on the apparel manufacturing side, we are excited to be opening our first retail clothing store, just one block south of bustling Dupont Circle in Washington, DC. We are curating an exciting blend of everything from every day basics to one-of-a-kind pieces, that will enhance the modern, urban guy’s closet.

From the companies we all know and love, to small independent brands you haven’t heard of yet, we’ll have a hearty, ever-changing mix of wares ready for you when you walk through our doors.

We’ve got the keys, we’re busy building out our new space, and we can’t wait to open Avenue Jack in April 2015. Check back for the exact date of our grand opening.”

Ed. Note: Via email the owner tells me a soft opening is planned for Mid April.


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  • palisades

    That is so vague. How am I supposed to get excited if I don’t even know what they’re going to sell….

    • I went ahead and read this posting for you, and I’m pretty sure they’re gonna be selling clothing for men.

      • I guess the window displays will make it obvious, but before I clicked to read the full post, I too was wondering what exactly “Stuff For Guys” included (p*rn? video games? shaving accessories??).

        • Well considering the location in DC and considering it’s “stuff for guys,” my immediate assumption was a men’s retail store… oh look, that’s what it is. I didn’t think it was that hard to figure out. I live in LA and i knew that.

          • I was preoccupied with the door photo and not paying attention to the information about the location.

      • palisades

        OK condescending folks. Tell me then, what exactly are they going to sell? “Stuff for a man’s closet” can mean plenty of things. Formal wear? Casual? Outdoors-y stuff? Footwear? Grooming stuff?
        Wasn’t expecting such a hostile response. This is like a restaurant opening and all they say is “small plates.” It can mean endless things.

  • justinbc

    STUFF! YES!~ Just what I needed!

  • Interesting. If only they could find some cool shirt lines for fit guys with actual shoulders, I’d love to check them out.

    • justinbc

      What, you don’t like the balloon style?

    • As a skinny guy with narrow shoulders, I can tell you that pickings are just as slim for us, too. There’s JCrew, and…well….JCrew.

      • Have you tried? Uniqlo. Their stuff tends to be on the slimmer side.

        • I have not…going all the way to Springfield is a pain in the butt, and I don’t shop for clothes online.

          • palisades

            You don’t go anywhere and you don’t shop online. No wonder you think your only option is J crew.

          • There’s a Uniqlo in Springfield? Why?

          • Ok, Palisades, what do you suggest, because I can assure you I’ve tried lots of places.

          • palisades

            The uniqlo hasn’t opened yet. It will soon though. It’s going there because they completely changed Springfield mall into a “town center.” All swanky and stuff now.
            carlos – I still think you should try uniqlo. The first step is going to a tailor you trust and getting your measurements. Compare them to what the websites show.
            If you’re willing to spend extra $$$, two local DC men’s shops are well-known and respected – Wolf vs. Goat, and Hugh & Crye. Both have incredible customer service and are designed more for individual body shapes.

          • SouthwestDC

            Swanky! That’s hilarious. I’ve been to the new Springfield Mall. Despite the name it’s not a town center and it doesn’t look much different than it did before. I didn’t know the uniqlo had been confirmed though; seems like it would have been a better fit somewhere else.

      • You could try Sears.

      • try Bar III at Macy’s… the only dress clothes that actually fit me.

    • Check out Hugh & Crye – that goes for skinny guys, too.

      • I didn’t see any cool shirts on their website. Do they have more items in the store?

        • palisades

          That depends on what your definition of “cool” is. Their clothes are more bizcaz and young professional. FWIW they list pretty much all their shirts on their website. You can also pay a visit to their store that just opened next to bluejacket brewery.

          • All I saw on the website was dress shirts, plain t-shirts, and “popovers”. Which I would describe as ordinary, ordinary, and “what?”. All of which are fine and useful (except maybe the popovers….) but not much variety and not anything that strikes me as “cool”. Did I not look deep enough into the website?

          • palisades

            Ha I mean that’s pretty much it. According to the what I’ve seen around me, being stylish in 2015 constitutes minimal patterns and well-fitting shirts. Not sure what to tell you.
            As far as popovers, I don’t see the problem with them. No different than a polo or button-up short sleeve shirt.

      • maxwell smart

        +1. With the exception of a few items from J. Crew, all of my shirts are from Hugh & Crye. Great quality and service and you can feel good about supporting a local business!

    • Charles Tyrwhitt has great, slim-fitting dress clothes (best for suits and dress shirts). I get all my work clothes from them nowadays. Their off-the-rack suits are actually pretty nice.

      • palisades

        I haven’t tried their suits but I will always love my Tyrwhitt shirts. They constantly have sales and the quality rivals shirts triple the price.

  • jim_ed

    Weird name. Having an avenue jack usually leads to the police being called and your picture in an internet database.

  • I’m sure this will be like some of the other men’s stores that sell nice shirts, ties, razors, belts, artisan toothpicks… look up “Federal” I always like the look of everything in these sort of places, but cannot afford a $150-300 flannel shirt.

  • I’m guessing it will be like the stuff at Federal, but perhaps a bit less woodsy. That would be nice. This city needs more small boutique clothing stores so that people can actually shop on the weekends instead of drowning their sorrows at Dacha.

  • Copenhaver is gone? No!!

  • Food and Stuff. It’s where I get my food, and most of my stuff.

  • I hope the clothing is going to be less businessy and more casual. There are enough formal/business casual men’s stores in DC. I miss Lost Boys in Georgetown. All of their items were fairly pricey (unless you caught the big sale two times a year), but their selection was such a welcome diversion from the bland preppy DC stuff. Not that there’s anything wrong with preppy style, but some variety wouldn’t kill this town– especially when it comes to men’s fashion.

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