“around 9:20 am a woman was cut on the forehead by a man with a knife on her walk to the metro”

A reader shares the letter she sent to her friends:

“I know some of you walk over around this area to work, or else just live by here, so I wanted to let you know that this am when I was walking to work down 10th street, there were a number of police officers and am ambulance, around 9:20 am, because a woman our age [mid 20s] was cut on the forehead by a man with a knife on her walk to the metro. It happened right outside of the church on 10th and N, and apparently he approached another man first, but the other man screamed and ran, then he approached the woman and cut her before another neighborhood man with a dog came running after him. The man with a knife apparently got away, I don’t know his status. Very scary!!”

Ed. Note: No mention of a knife but DCAlerts tweeted just before this incident at the same location:

“Robbery at 0907 hours in the 1300 block of 10th St NW Lookout for B/M, 18-20 years of age, 5’9”, 170lbs., wearing tan pants and a grey hoode…”

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  • nightborn

    That is just terrifying.

  • 2 DC alerts went out. Second one mentioned the knife.

    Similar incident last night (Tuesday) around 7pm on Vermont between Q & R Sts. Multiple suspects.

  • There was also a robbery (knife) reported near 10th & L Sts NW yesterday around 1:30pm. I have asked if MPD could deploy extra officers to these areas and they’ve said they have officers “tripping over each other” in the area.

    If you see something that does not look right to you please call 911 and let MPD investigate.

    Charlie Bengel
    ANC 2F06

    • I have spent at least three hours walking around 2F06 today (doing errands and chatting outside), and I haven’t seen a single cop, other than those that are just driving through on 11th.

    • Police office stopped and talked to me this morning — same street/area. They have definitely increased presence today.

  • Welll this is incredibly terrifying. Literally walked this exact route about 20 minutes before this time. This is just insane…

  • This may just be a coincidence but last Friday I was standing on the platform waiting for my train (Petworth station) when a kid approached me and asked me if I would give him a few dollars. I said I didn’t have it and he just stood there staring at me so I quickly stepped away because his hands were in his pockets and I was afraid he might have a weapon. A few minutes later while I was reading my express I looked up and he was right there looking over my shoulder reading my paper. It was really unnerving so I called the Metro transit police and reported him on the spot. When he saw me calling out his description he quickly went the other way. The description I gave was very similar to the one in the incident this morning – young black male, tan pants, grey hoodie, 5′ 9″. The only additional info I had were his red and black sneakers. My stomach turns as I read about what happened to the woman this morning.

    • Not to state the obvious here, but that is basically how every kid in DC dresses during the week. That is the uniform almost all public school kids in DC wear.

  • Can you tell me how to get these alerts? Or….do I not want to know?

  • First victim was female not male same block at approx. 8:55am. First cop arrived on scene at 9:04am. You can sign up for alerts here.


  • this is terrifying. I also do this route every single day, many times. Often with my child or dog. I can’t tell if I should share this with my nanny or what. what is goin on in that area?

  • I was the “man with the dog” in the story. I was walking my dog (80 pound black lab/boxer/dane) and a shaken up woman on the phone with MPD asked me to stay with her. I did so and she pointed out the assailant who was now at the corner of 10th & N. I stayed with her and kept an eye on the assailant as he was strangely just standing at that corner for a number of minutes and staring back at us. I hope my dog had something to do with it but realistically wouldn’t take the credit for scaring him off. Unfortunately, it took the police so long to come (maybe 10 minutes or more) that in the meantime the assailant accosted the second woman (both victims were women) while I unfortunately saw it happen from about 150 feet away. In a scuffle between the two of them he shoved her into a street post which then (the parking sign) cut her forehead open with a nasty gash to the bone. Blood everywhere, just terrible. He then bolted west and made his way over to 11th, up to O and over to and up 12th street.

    Worked with the police detective and hopefully they have found the guy. He was indeed ~20/early 20’s, same description the DCAlerts tweet mentioned but he was definitely skinnier than 170 pounds, probably closer to 145/150. Grey hoodie and camel colored pants, both very form fitting (not baggy at all).

    I hope he is found, my wife, son and I live just 150 feet from these two attacks. I feel so terrible for these two victims. Keep your eyes open! Don’t wear your headphones!

    • Oh my god. That’s awful (I know you by your dog). I wish someone had been able to take the guys picture. I can’t believe it took cops who claim to be “tripping over themselves” 10 minutes to get there. Awful.

      HOWEVER I’m glad it wasn’t someone using a knife. This is awful, but changes the story a bit. Glad I have a 100lb dog. People are insane and the responses tend to be “meh” from those in charge, sadly.

  • I just moved to this area less than a month a go and this happened a block from me. This is awful.

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