Anyone Know when the Dog Park Water Fountains Get Turned On Again?


“Dear PoPville,

I was wondering if you have any info about the water fountain at the LeDroit Park dog park, which has been out for a number of months now it seems. Perhaps it’s just turned off during the winter months? Anyhow, it’s typically my dog’s favorite feature of the dog park (the other dogs are just a bonus I guess), and I kept thinking it’d be fixed or turned on shortly but nothing has been done as of yet. Now that it’s getting warmer I’m more concerned as I know many dogs will be needing to stay hydrated if they’re outside for long period of time. Does anyone know who to contact to inquire about the issue?”

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  • epric002

    every water fountain repair i’ve submitted in DC turned out to be the responsibility of the NPS. assuming that the dog parks are DC’s though, and not NPS, i’d start with 311.

  • The dog parks in the city are in partnership with an sponsoring association.

    For LeDroit dog park, this is the LeDroit Dog Park Association: (Which has ties to the LeDroit Park Civic Association: They may be an good spot to start.

  • The city generally installs freeze proof fountains, but I’m pretty sure the dog bowl part cannot be freeze proofed- and has to be shut off for the winter. Not sure when they start turning them on again, but DPR is pretty responsive via social media for these kinds of questions.

  • I help run the Bruce Monroe Community garden, and our watering spigots were turned on this week. For us DPR is in charge of turning the water on in the spring. This year turn on happened about a month earlier than last year. DPR is usually spread pretty thin, and it seems like its one person who goes around to each location. But if they cover your dog fountain, you can ask, and they will usually respond with some kind of time frame.

  • The water in the Park at LeDroit, including the Dogpark, will go on April 1.

  • I just moved to the area and I’d love to go there more often with my dog but the fence is easy for smaller dogs to fit through. My dog is 18 lbs and can fit through those bars if he wanted to (to chase another dog or a car). Even the dog park for smaller dogs has the same fencing. Can anything be done?

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