(Another) Something Good’s Gonna Come to the 800 block of Upshur Street

809 Upshur Street, NW

And even more good news for the increasingly popular 800 block of Upshur Street, NW. The former church at 809 Upshur has been sold. This in and of itself is not necessarily great news but who the new owners are makes it so. The folks that bought it were the local development team who found the Domku space (nearby) and the El Chucho space (on 11th Street.) IE two incredibly transformations. This will be their third. They told me that they are already in talks with a few potential clients and they emphasized that they are looking for someone local and someone interested in daytime (as well as night) hours. I asked if their was a preference of restaurant over other retail or vice versa and they replied the important part was that the renters be local and invested in the community. Given this and their track record at transforming neglected spaces around this is very promising!

The partners pictured above left to right are:

-Lynn Yaudes
-Norm Veenstra, N12 Development
-Brie Husted


Lots more updates when a lease is signed.


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  • Oh man! This is fantastic. Every time I read one of these I feel like someone just dropped like 10 or 20k in my pocket.

    • That said, I really really which that Pizza Hut would sell out. They are the worst.

      • I’d add the Wendy’s as well. As a general rule, I like Wendy’s, but this one is awful. Someone even got mugged INSIDE of it last year.

        • Because that was clearly Wendy’s fault.

        • The terrible service at Wendy’s that makes fast food take forever is a better reason for why they should close.

          • As one of the only drive-through fast food joints in NW, I don’t think it’s going anywhere any time soon. Word is that they have a long (read: 99 yr or something) lease, and I’m pretty sure they’re making money, as it’s always full. While I don’t like the wrappers blowing down the street, I can conceive of much worse businesses to be there. C’mon, we’ve all gotten some late night nuggets.

          • I hate to admit, but I hit that Wendy’s recently for its “Bacon & Blue on Brioche,” which actually turned out to be a damn good burger!

  • And the transformation of scrubby (according to the New York Times) Upshur St to fantastic cooridor continues. Cheers for all day dining in Petworth! If the Coupe can do it, any place can! Haha. Slim’s Diner is going to significantly increase foot traffic and Crane & Turtle has introduced many people from outside the neighborhood to Petworth. Things looking up!!! Great News!
    As an aside, I think the 14th Street Cooridor near Red Derby will be the next area to pop. Closer to the metro and lower rents with three new condos set to open, but I admit its still a little “scrubby.” Great opportunity though!

  • How about a Sweet Green? I’d love a quick go-to salad joint!

  • Does everyone just automatically think food? I would love to get more retail. We have some great shops on Upshur Street already and I think it would be fantastic to add to that. I hate to see Upshur turn into 11th where it is just restaurants with nothing else to do on the strip. Would much rather see it be a Hampden type area in Baltimore (much smaller obviously) with a nice of mix of retail and restaurants. We are well on are way there with Willow, Fia’s, Bentley’s and the Bookstore.

    I am one of those people that loves to walk around and go into shops though……

    • I think food drives foot traffic. I agree, I’d like more retail in Petworth, but there is such a lack of food options that I think food has to come first. How great would a Salt & Sundry type store be? Or an art gallery? Paper store? For as dense as dense as this area is, you’d think there’d be more food options.

      Plenty of run down barber shops and beauty salons though!

      • Hum… I guess I didn’t see there being that much of a lack of food options. All though, I will give you that daytime food options might be lacking. Upshur Street is slated for 3 more restaurants in the next few months plus, at some point, the space next to Qualia will be a restaurant. I also assume that the condo project next to Mary’s Center will probably have a restaurant in the retail portion.

        It just seems like it goes really fast from zero restaurants to everything is restaurants and nothing else.

        Will all of the restaurants slated to open in Petworth in the near future it would be nice to get at least something a little different in the mix.

        • Isnt Slim’s Diner the only new restaurant coming to Upshur as of now? The other place is a cocktail bar. I’m not sure about the place next to Qualia. I’m even less sure about the place next to St Mary’s. If it is a restraunt then it’ll be small. Their street level retail (?) space looks small to me. Anyone know what’s going in on the bottom floor?

          • Are you talking about 3930 Georgia – where the new condos are going up in the former Goin Building? That street level retail looks huge to me – also with high ceilings – it had previously been listed at 4000 sq ft. Still haven’t heard on news on the retailer(s) though – See: http://www.popville.com/2013/02/farenheitcondospetworthgoins/

            The 200 blk of Upshur has a new place coming in to the La Joya Steakhouse location by Jackie Greenbaum and her team., J n G Tavern.

            So, between Slims, JnG, and Twisted Horn Cocktail Bar – that is 3 confirmed that are all coming very soon (Spring/Summer 2015), while we still wait for more news on other places in the work – Goins, the place next to Qualia, more at Park Place above the metro.

          • Slim’s Diner, Twisted Horn (i know it is a cocktail bar but it falls into the same category to me and they will have a small food selection) and the place on the 200 Block of Upshur. That is at least 3 new places slated to open in the next 3-4 months.

            These are just the projects that have been publicized who knows what else could be in the works. My point was that while more food is great (and better than a vacant building) I would love to see something non-food related because I think that makes for a more vibrant neighborhood.

    • In every situation like this, I thought it was bar, then restaurant, then retail. I always figured that to get traffic to sustain retail (or at least the retail you are likely looking for) you need places to eat and drink. I’m certainly not an expert in this and could be wrong however.

      • I think it is more of having a cluster of similar things vs having one before the other. Again, Petworth is well on its way to having a nice cluster of both restaurants and retail I just hate to see it tip to all restaurants/food.

  • Yes, I always think of food. Something fast-casual would be good great. Seems like the only options for fast casual (Chipotle, Cava, Sweetgreen, etc) are in Columbia Heights, and I try to avoid that mayhem at all costs. How about a sandwich place?? Maybe a nice authentic NY/Italian-style deli??

  • Co-sign.

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