“another reality check that there are crazy people out there with zero regard for basic humanity, but it was reassuring that the police officers in my neighborhood all took the situation, and myself, very seriously”

“Dear PoPville,

I wanted to share that on Wednesday evening at about 6.05pm, I was walking past the intersection of 5th and R NW in Shaw when a black male, about 5’10”, walked by me and grabbed my butt. I turned around and shouted at him, but he kept walking down the street, never reacting, as if nothing happened. About two blocks later I passed a police car and ended up reporting it. I spoke to about six different officers and eventually a sex crimes unit detective over the course of about an hour-all were very professional and kind. The detective opened an investigation and said she would see if there were any video cameras that captured what happened.

Just another reality check that there are crazy people out there with zero regard for basic humanity, but it was reassuring that the police officers in my neighborhood all took the situation, and myself, very seriously.”

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  • I’m so sorry to hear this happened and am especially horrified because I live closeby. I’m glad the police were helpful, and that’s not surprising because we have really special officers in that area.

  • Nice for sticking up for yourself and filing a police report. One way creeps like this will stop is if they know they will be caught and persecuted.

  • Yikes, I’m so sorry this happened to you. What a creep!

    Good for you for reporting it — We need more people in this city to report crimes experienced/ witnessed.

    • We also need more professional officers–like the ones in this situation–who are actually willing to fill out a report.

  • not sure why race matters here. I can understand why it should be told to the police, since it helps with a description to catch the disgusting person, but not sure it’s necessary on this forum. #LiveColorBlind

    • All this comment does is summon the trolls. Unless you are one yourself.

      • Accountering

        So when the forum name is richard roll, by nature, it is trolling. I don’t see why people feel the need to do it, but yes, please don’t feed the trolls.

    • Here we go…

    • justinbc

      It’s interesting what some people take away from these stories.

    • I actually think the more information the better. The time or date or body part grabbed would mean nothing to you then. Maybe someone else was assaulted that day or on another day in that area. The description can help link their cases #details

    • It’s what you call a microaggression .

      • This is interesting. I can see how one might feel that identifying criminals by race is a form of race-based aggression. But how about the woman? The aggression directed at her by the assailant is worse than micro, and now she has to deal with people questioning her over it, and over her method for dealing with it. Don’t you think that the very frequent victim-blaming also makes for a hostile environment for a disadvantaged demographic? Perhaps she should “lighten up”?

    • Yes, and why note that the perpetrator was male? It’s unnecessary on this forum, and is just a way to slur all males.

  • nightborn

    I’m so sorry that happened to you. It happened to me on the Metro a few summers ago and I know how awful, furious, violated and helpless you must have felt.

  • I had a similar experience in the middle of the day on a residential street in Columbia Heights a couple years ago. Unfortunately, it was during the summer and I was wearing a skirt, so the grab was pretty invasive. I immediately called police and I was told to wait on the scene for police to arrive- they estimated police would arrive within 20-45 minutes. Since I was alone, I decided against waiting and I was told there was nothing police could do if I left the scene. I reported it later anyway and no one ever followed up with me.

    I’m glad your experience was better than mine and that police response has seemingly improved. Sorry that happened to you, it can really suck being a woman in urban environments sometimes.

  • As someone who lives very close by, I, for one, appreciate the description. It’s happened to be before too so I know how you feel. I’m sorry this happened to you but I’m glad you reported it. These jerks won’t stop until they know their handsiness won’t go unanswered.
    I once had a friend get crotch-groped at a concert — luckily she was quick enough to grab and twist his fingers backward while shouting for venue security to come kick him out. I wish we could all be that quick. I hope she broke his fingers.

  • So sorry this happened to you- ugh! What a creep. I wish he had been caught – its awesome that you reported it. Do you have any more to the description – like age, build, hair style, any facial hair etc, that could help others be on the lookout too? I live nearby and walk around there all the time.

  • too much of the population occupying this city are just filthy scum.

  • Something similar happened to my girlfriend in Chinatown last year. A man grabbed her breast in the middle of a crosswalk.

    She was actually able to follow him until cops arrived (he was old and walked with a cane, so she didn’t feel threatened). Got the guy arrested and he was sentenced to a 10 day prison sentence. She didn’t think any prison time would necessarily act as a deterrent to this guy, but wanted to make sure he had a sexual misdemeanor conviction linked to his rap sheet. Apparently the special victims cops were very interested and glad she reported the case.

  • Props for sticking up for yourself and having the patience to report I. Glad to hear the cops were responsive and professional.

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