120 units (1 bedrooms) luxury apartments coming to former Brass Knob Warehouse in Truxton

57 N Street, NW

Thanks to @JRogers202 for always keeping a close on this unique space.  The Brass Warehouse has officially been closed since Spring 2011. @JRogers202 tweets us:

“120 units (1 bedrooms) of luxury apartments coming to 57 N in @TruxtonCircle”

“60 underground parking spaces”

“Re: 57 N St., the architects @studio27arch did La Casa in Columbia Heights, which looks awesome. @TruxtonCircle”


Ed. Note: These will be rentals not condos.


demo of the rear started in August 2014. Updates as construction progresses.

Brass Knob Warehouse 2009

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  • This is awesome. Keep being awesome, Truxton.

  • This is great news! I really like the old stables building – super glad they got historic designation, forcing the developer to keep the facade.

  • I Dont Get It

    I love that building! Wish it had gone condo though, I would have considered it.

    • From what I gather, that’s not completely off the table yet. They’re saying rentals for now, but that may change. I agree with you that condos seem to make more sense here, so they don’t have to compete with all of the rentals in NoMa and by 5th and K.

    • +1
      The timing of these opening would probably align almost perfectly with my decision to buy. Really wish they would reconsider. However, they can get away with chopping these up into smaller spaces and using cheaper finishes if they are going rental.

  • Please no asymmetrical window layouts like on the La Casa Columbia Heights building.

  • There’s no way the Historic Board is going to approve that popup. The building is a historic landmark.

  • I am pleased the building will be used, however part of the charm of it, is the lovely courtyard in the back. It is too bad they need to fill it all in.

    • The plans show a courtyard between the existing building and the one they are putting up in the rear. The open space in the rear of the property has only been there for about the 6 months after they demolished the warehouse portion of the building.

  • Seems like they can be tiny these days whether intended as condos or rentals. The finishes may be cheaper – but may not be – depends on the market they are going for.

    They may yet be condos – often buildings are developed, and then change designation depending on the market for sales of condos at the time it is completed.

  • Awesome concept! Love the courtyard. I walk past this building everyday and have always wanted to live/buy in it once fixed up. So, was really hoping it would be condos! 🙁

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