$1 Million in Brookland

3015 16th Street Northeast

I’ve gotten tons of emails about this one – so here ya go – this house is located at 3015 16th Street, Northeast. The Listing says:

“Brookland Gem, Beautiful Craftsman Style completely renovated detached 4 Br 4.5 Bath, tons of natural light, Gourmet kit w/high end SS Kitchen Aid Appl, Brazilian Koa flooring, Huge Mstr suite w/walk in closet, Front loader W/D, Large Bsmt w/wetbar, large Bdrm w/full bath, fully automated smart home w/audio/video/intercom/alarm system and spacious backyard/huge deck, 3 car + off str parking.”

You can see more photos here.

The 4 bed/4.5 bath is going for $1,050,000.

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  • brookland_rez


  • I typically adore Craftsman or ‘Craftsman-style’ homes, but if this one ever had any original charm or personality they’ve ‘renovated’ it all away.

  • That’s a bit of a hike from the metro…but I guess if you can afford a million-dollar house, you just expect to drive everywhere.

  • Take a look at google maps. They had the courtesy to cut down all the trees and tear out the yard for you too.

    • Whoa, that’s a pretty big difference! I bet the air-conditioning cost is going to be a LOT higher as a result.

    • Do they do this to sell the topsoil or something? That would make sense, because you know, why stop at simply trying to make a ~50% profit on flipping the house?

  • Seems a bit pricey – the finishes are nice but they staging is less than I have seen on builder grade in the burbs. I would have expected more/better for a property listed at over a million.

    I wonder based on the pricing if they are actually expecting to sell for just under or at $1 million knowing that people will start lower.

  • Just… no. It has a few nice features and is close to an arguably-acceptable elementary school (which is also improving), but that’s where the “pros” end on this one. Awful color palette, really generic, and they made a huge mistake going for larger vs more bedrooms. I live in Brookland and it’s a wonderful neighborhood, but I wouldn’t go for this at 3/4 of the price.

    • Yeah, I really dislike the color palette and particularly hate the fireplace, and it looks like they used the same material for the wetbar backsplash. Ew. I’m also completely with you on the bedrooms – what is the point of having a master bedroom THAT large?! I’d have to build more closet space into all the extra bedroom space.

    • brookland_rez

      I don’t know, after that one on Monroe sold for $998k, who knows what people will pay. I guess we’ll see. The Monroe St house was much nicer IMO and it included a garage. Based on that comp, since this has no garage, it shouldn’t get any more than $900k. Maybe the seller thinks the market will be particularly hot this spring.

  • Agreed that there’s no charm to this place, but it’s also SO trendy. It feels like everything in the house will feel dated in a few years.

  • And that lighting – I’ve see Broadway stages with fewer spots than that!

    • Seriously! So many friggin’ spot cans. You’d need a lighting board to control all those beams. What the hell is up with that. I think there might be 25+ cans in the living room alone.

  • I think speccing high-end SS appliances would include choosing a counter depth fridge that doesn’t stick out of the cabinet by 12″. Looks like garbage.

  • The open floor-plan seems like an obvious mistake, in this case. The main floor feels like a church rec room!

  • I looked at this pics thought it looked incredible. I then immediately thought that all of the commenters would hate it. You didn’t disappoint.

  • Is it just me or does that house have an inordinate amount of light bulbs? By my count, there are 23898903420983 (give or take) in the ceiling of each pic.

  • Wow, the transformation from what’s seen on Google is pretty dramatic

  • Emmaleigh504

    The floors look nice!

  • Anonomnom

    Say what you will about everything else, those floors in the main floor are gorgeous. Also, wouldn’t mind the steam shower myself… Though it ends about there for me.

  • The potlights in the master are odd… looks like they just ran a soffit around the edges of the room rather than dropping the ceiling to put normal lighting in…

    Pros: Waterfall island is awesome, and 4.5 bathrooms is amazing.
    Cons: That fireplace is odd, removal of all original charm, and aforementioned potlights.

  • nightborn

    I think it’s lovely.

  • Ceiling pot lights are all bad all the time. Ugly horrible light. No excuses. No question. Marginally acceptable in a sketchy basement apt. rental with low ceilings ( which I am not opposed to ) but never for any civilized dwelling.

    • My house came with them, and I like them. In my old place there was no built-in overhead lighting and it was a pain to have to use floor lamps everywhere.

      • Same here. Ours have relatively soft light bulbs and a dimmer switch, and I like them a lot. If starting from scratch, I’d use the same type of lighting but add more switches so I could better control which lights go on and off.

    • I think cans on a dimmer do a really great job of creating a subtle ambiance in a room. The best lighting is something with soft shadows. And I think the best way to get that is to layer key lights (either floor lights, table lights, or directional ceiling lights) with an overlay of an ambience to kill shadows (or at least that’s how it works in the theater world).

      But they are can happy in this place.

  • I just listed my house FSBO on 10th and K Street NE for less than 900 and it has more sq footage than this single family, seems to be a nicer reno, and is in a way better location. I don’t think this property is worth that much but I may be wrong. Do you think the yard will bring in the extra $$??

  • ps. I love the floors!

  • I live very close to this house. The only part left of the old house is the foundation footprint, and the actual blocks were reworked/replaced/reinforced. Rumor has it that the builder does have a track on the dilapidated corner house and garage behind it. Not sure how much truth there is to that, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Just glad the new house looks nice from the street, particularly if there is some new landscaping to finish it.

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