Zombie Coffee and Donuts now open in Columbia Heights

14th and Irving St, NW part of DCUSA

We knew Zombie Coffee and Donuts was getting close – they’ve now opened in the former Tasti D Lite space next to Panda Express on Irving St. Anyone take a taste of a donut? I tried one and it was ok. I think I picked a bad topping, maple and it was a bit difficult to eat because it kept sticking to the paper, but I liked that the donut was warm and pretty light. I need another try before I make up my mind. Anyone try the coffee?




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  • Coffee was okay. Not exactly worth a stop on a block filled with better coffee options, but Zombie offered a number of free flavor syrups and a wide array of sugar options.

  • Not wild about the hours here. Perhaps wrongly, I had the impression a place called “Zombie” would be open early and late.

  • randomduck

    Went in this past Saturday. Reminds me a lot of Fractured Prune donuts (i.e. they decorate the donuts while you wait), which sounds more impressive than it actually is. Having to wait 10 minutes for a dozen donut order to be fulfilled is not worth it. Let me go to District Donut, GBD, or even Dunkin to get a quick fix and be on my way.

    Can’t speak to the coffee, though I think that Tynan (across the street) won’t have much to worry about in the long run.

  • It’s going to be tough for them to overcome an opening week with this weather. Having a big “OPEN” sign taped to the door when they’re NOT OPEN is bad, too.

  • I went opening day they were offering free coffee with purchase of donut. The staff was very nice, still working out the opening day process kinks. The coffee was the serve yourself from a thermos style. Not the best. Can’t say I was too impressed with the donut either- I got the classic glazed, it was very thick and the donut was kind of dry. Hoping they improve from the opening day- I overheard they will expand the menu/topping options. Just hope they improve on the basics before doing that.

  • I drank a cup of coffee from their former metro center location (on F between 10th and 11th – residing with a FroZenYo) every morning because I worked across the street. It is decent coffee, (self) served immediately, with no fuss and a lot of caffeine (including a hyper-caffeinated variety). Being in the neighborhood I’d go to Sip of Seattle whenever I had time (my favorite coffee in DC), but since I usually didn’t have time, Zombie was fine, fast, and convenient.

    • So – really just curious – since I’ve never worked in an office – why don’t people just drink coffee at home before they leave for work? Especially 25 cents a cup versus $3.00?

      • Lots of people don’t have the time in the mornings and/or enjoy taking a mid-morning break and/or value the social aspect of grabbing a cup with coworkers.

        • So coworkers all go out to a coffee shop together? I thought all offices had coffee makers by now. But for drinking at home, any basic machine has a programed timer so you can set it to be fresh brewed when you wake up. Also – that keruig thing.

          Buying a $3.00 coffee each workday is $780.00 a year. Making it at home is $65.00. I’d rather have that extra $700.00 for vacation!

          • west_egg

            Sometimes a small group will say, “Hey, who wants to run out for a cup of coffee?” And everyone will take a break from the office for a few minutes.

            As far as $700/year for professionally-brewed coffee vs. not having to prep it every night/wash a travel mug every day/etc. — different people value different things, I guess. I’m in the latter camp these days but was a member of the former for a long time.

          • Speaking only for myself, I get up at 4:45, exercise, shower, leave the house at 6:30, and generally walk to work. I don’t enjoy walking with coffee, so I need some when I get here. Plus, I work across the street from Baked ‘n Wired, which has fantastic coffee. I might do something else if I could only get a crappy cuppa at the office, but happily that’s not the case.
            As for Keurig – that is not coffee. It is brown water that has some flavors vaguely reminiscent of coffee, but sh***er. Much sh***er.
            It’s good to save for vacation, but a very good cup of coffee (better than I could make at home) makes each and every day a little more enjoyable. I am at the office at least 52 hours each week – often a good deal more. It’s worth it to me.

          • burritosinstereo

            I work in an office, and I make/bring my own coffee from home. Besides all the bonuses you already mentioned, getting up at 5:30am sucks slightly less when you wake up to the smell of a freshly brewed pot.

          • What coffee are you brewing at home where you only spend $68/year? Yes it’s cheaper, but your numbers are way off.

      • I drink a cup at home before I leave for the office, and another two cups once I’m at the office (though I drink the coffee from the kitchen at work since it meets to two most important requirements – free and caffeinated).

      • Unless you’re getting expensive pour-over coffee, a typical cup of coffee will run you less than $2, which is pricey compared to making it yourself, but not usually break the bank expensive. Lattes and espresso drinks will run you $3+, but unless you have an espresso machine at home, you can’t make those drinks yourself. I might think this because I was raised in the Northwest with access to very, very good coffee, but your typical office pot of coffee is essentially undrinkable battery acid. The $1.80 for my grande coffee every other morning is well worth the investment.

  • Tried their doughnut yesterday which I thought was slightly below average. I’m not a coffee drinker so can’t provide review. Really unsure of their market. Doubt this will make it.

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