Woodland’s Vegan Bistro Changes Name to NuVegan Café; 2nd Location Coming to College Park

2928 Georgia Ave, NW – Originally Everlasting Life before becoming Woodland’s

Flying high off their visit from Kanye and Kim – Woodland’s Vegan tweets us:

“@PoPville Woodlands Vegan Bistro Changes Name to NuVegan Café, Franchises and Open Second Location!”

Their press release says:

“Yes, it is true. One might ask; “Why another name change?” Change often equals progress and elevation for a much bigger and greater cause. Woodland’s Vegan Bistro will immediately introduce their new, second location as NuVegan Café while their Washington, D.C., location will gradually make the new name transition over the next few months. The change is the result of their exciting and historical venture of becoming one of the very first vegan restaurants of its caliber to franchise. Franchising will be finalized by the end of this second quarter. With respect to animals, the environment and good health, NuVegan Café uses the freshest plant derived foods to carefully create and invent vegan cuisine full of comfort and satisfaction.

While they have a new name, slogan and logo the great aspects about the restaurant that many have grown to love will remain unchanged. They are still committed to providing exceptional and nutritious meal options for everyone. This is still your home away from home where you can come and enjoy exceptional service and a delicious meal with family, friends and co-workers. The food truck still travels throughout the DMV area conveniently catering to the needs of local residents. The menu still includes their award-winning macaroni and cheese, collard greens, cornbread, crab cake sandwich with desserts like sweet potato cheesecake and specialty drinks including their famous Tropical Delight Smoothie.

Holding raved reviews with “likes” of up to 96% and 5.0 star ratings on; Yelp!, Happy Cow-The Healthy Eating Guide, Urban Spoon, Yahoo! Local, AllMenus.com and The Washington Post. As NuVegan Café, they will not cease to maintain their track record of being Washington D.C.’s highly acclaimed Vegan Hot Spot since 2009!

NuVegan Café is excited to share the Grande Opening of their NEW and second location in College Park, Maryland near the campus of the University of Maryland! [8150 Baltimore Ave] Last year they were nominated as Best Vegan Restaurant & Best Gluten Free Options as featured in the Washington Post (40 dishes that every Washingtonian must try in 2014). NuVegan Café is fine dining for those who wish to experience delicious and life giving vegan cuisine at its best. Each dish is lovingly and skillfully prepared using the finest and freshest plant derived ingredients.

“We will continue to enjoy servicing Washington DC and we are elated to now also be catering to the University of Maryland community and it’s surrounding areas!” Shares Co-owner, Vernon C. Woodland. “Expansion and growing to serve a larger family of customers has always been our goal. We welcome everyone to join us in the celebration for our grande opening at 8150 Baltimore Ave, Suite E in College Park, Maryland on February 14, 2015 at 12 noon. It is a perfect opportunity to come meet us and get a taste of our menu.”

The Grande Opening will include a FREE chicken sandwich for customers between 1pm and 3pm, with hosting by DJ Heat from WPGC’s 99.5 FM and live entertainment with highly acclaimed performing artist. Special VIP invites have been sent out to bloggers, the media, organizations such as; Compassion Over Killing, PETA, Humane Society of MD & DC, Green Peace, the Vegetarian Society of DC and members of the Maryland and DC Governments who are long time admirers of the restaurant. To learn more about NuVegan Café’s franchising opportunities, view their menu, events calendar or bios of the owners, visit NuVeganCafe.com.

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  • Good, it always really annoyed me that they used that name when Woodlands in Langely Park, which is also a 100% vegetarian (yes, I realize this is different from Vegan) restaurant, had been using it for quite some time longer.

    • That always bothered me too. I love both of them but hated that they are the exact same name. P.S. Love the Mona Simpson reference.

  • Blithe

    I’m glad that they’re changing their name — again, since I found the switch to “Woodlands” confusing. I think the newest change to NuVegan is a good step for those of us who disjointedly mumble things like :” you know that wonderful vegan restaurant that used to be Everlasting Life but not the other Everlasting Life one that turned into Woodlands, but not the other Woodlands — the really GOOD one on Georgia. The food is awesome — the restaurant deserves a unique, easy to remember name that reflects their awesomeness. Yum.

    • I haven’t checked this place out yet (I keep meaning to), but I agree on the name change — the last name change was confusing, and this newest one should make things a lot clearer.

  • For vegans, the new name is fine. For non-vegans who’ve never been there before, the name might put them off. As a meat eater, I love a bunch of the food they have there but I’d be hesitant to try “NuVegan” as a newbie.

    • I agree. Something similar in feel to Woodlands would have been more appealing to non-vegans. NuVegan doesn’t sound appetizing at all. As an omnivore who appreciates vegetarian (and vegan when they’re not full of fake quasi-foods) meals, I wish more veg-centric restaurants would make more of an effort to appeal to the masses. The food can be good enough to stand on its own, not just as an alternative to meat. It’s good for business and their cause.

  • How are crab cakes and chicken vegan? Just call it what it is.

    • I’m a meat eater and have had the chicken and crab cakes there. It’s made from that fake stuff, can’t remember the name of it, but it is pretty darn tasty.

  • First I should same I love this place. But the constant re-branding is a little strange. And I’ll echo the comments above: This place is delicious, but there’s no way any of my non-vegan friends will eat at a place called NuVegan. Call it something normal and it will do much better.

    • It’s just not that the name screams “weird vegan place;” it screams, “weird vegan place from 2001.”

      But I do understand their dilemma – do you brand yourself as vegan in order to make sure veg*ns can find you? Or do you go more mainstream to attract people who have a negative knee-jerk reaction to the word “vegan” but risk missing out some of your core customers?

    • They stole the name woodlands from an already established vegetarian indian restaurant in Prince George’s County. Since they are moving to College Park, they needed a name change. All of the rest of whatever they say is crap

  • Have they ever figured out a way to cook a quesadilla in less than an hour?

  • Their mac and cheeze has gone waaaaaay down hill. Tastes like nothing now

    • I totally agree. I used to be a big fan of pretty much everything there, especially the mac and cheese. Now it’s hard to find something I like. I’ve been enjoying food from Senbab Café on 3rd near the Takoma Aquatic Center.

  • the place has a weird set up and sometimes it takes a while to get your food…

    but as a vegetarian who, on occasion, misses certain tastes and textures this place is my go to when i need comfort food. everything i’ve tried over the years has been great and super fresh – the chick’n sandwich, holy crap its good. love visiting the restaurant and truck.

  • Great place, regardless of the name. And always *so* many options.

    Glad they’re opening in College Park too. Was so sad when the Berwyn Cafe closed a few years back, I’m sure that neighborhood can support a new vegan place.

  • I call BS on the reasoning. As someone has pointed out already, there ALREADY is a Woodlands Restaurant in Prince George’s County. Also that Woodlands is an excellent vegetarian/ecologically conscious restaurant without throwing it in our faces. So nice try guys…

  • How does Woodlands compare to Udupi Palace? When we lived in Takoma DC, we’d go to UP a lot and just never considered Woodlands. But, since UP has closed, is it worth trekking up to Langley from Columbia Heights to Woodlands?

  • It should be noted this would be the third location. The owner also owns Evolve in Takoma less than a block from the Takoma Metro.

  • Love the food. Hate the new name for many of the reasons stated by others. Used to go to a vegan restaurant in Philly called Horizons. I don’t remember if it had “vegan” in its name, but everyone just knew it as “Horizons.” It was the best vegetarian restaurant I’ve ever visited, and you needed reservations because it was so popular. I understand why they may have wanted to change from Woodlands, but is NuVegan the best they could come up with? Sounds like the name of a venture that’s used as a placeholder until you come up with the real name.

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